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short stories – Hayden’s World

Hayden’s World Volume 1 by S. D. Falchetti, 2018 trade paper, science fiction I’m not sure how I came across this self-published hard science fiction collection, probably saw it on Amazon. The cover is certainly eye-catching, don’t you think? James Hayden … Continue reading

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Seventy-Seven Clocks by Christopher Fowler

Seventy-Seven Clocks by Christopher Fowler, Bantam 2008 trade paper, mystery, 3rd in Bryant & May series. I’m continuing to read the series of mysteries featuring Braynt & May, written by Christopher Fowler. This is the 3rd. The odd couple of detection … Continue reading

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reading short stories – end of May

It’s HOT here! 90s again today, too early in the year for this. I’ve continued to read short stories this last week, but only from this one of the three books I showed last time, and I finished it. The … Continue reading

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A Favorite Iris

Happy Memorial Day! Here’s a touch of late Spring in our garden for you. As you can see, our Iris are in bloom. This one is “Rustler“, a favorite of mine. Click to make bigger, and you can then scroll … Continue reading

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reading short stories

This time it’s a real smorgasbord, I’m reading from these three anthologies and collections: (*asterisk indicates one I especially liked) from The Mammoth Book of Locked-Room Mysteries and Impossible Crimes edited by Mike Ashley: “Waiting For Godstow”  by Martin Edwards * … Continue reading

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WordPress Problems Again

WordPress has done it again. As of Sunday afternoon, the Classic Editor has become unavailable. Again. I’m beyond disgusted, have tried to get WordPress Help to no avail. DAMN WORDPRESS. All I want to do is make a simple, old … Continue reading

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The Allingham Casebook

The Allingham Casebook: A Collection of Classic Crime Perfect for the Armchair Detective by Margery Allingham, crime short story collection, originally published in the UK, 1969, ebook edition Agora Books May 2017 I enjoyed reading this diverting and intelligent collection of crime … Continue reading

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Drive-Thru Life by John Galardi

Drive-Thru Life: The Story of John Galardi, Founder of Wienerschnitzel, by John Galadriel, Galadriel Group 2018 ebook Ever since I was a tad, I’ve loved hot dogs. These days, naturally, everyone says they’re unhealthy, or full of bad stuff or … Continue reading

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Forgotten: Swordsmen From the Stars by Poul Anderson

Swordsmen From the Stars by Poul Anderson, DMR Books 2020 Kindle ebook, 172 pages, cover art by Allen Anderson. Three early fantasy-adventure novelettes by Anderson, showing off his ability to write in the pulp fantasy-adventure vein, better than most.  “Witch of the … Continue reading

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Article Worth Reading

I get the e-newsletter, among dozens of others, so I came to this article, which I thought I’d share, as it can be applied to mystery genre reading just as well as SFF. Stop Feeling Guilty About the Books … Continue reading

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