Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

It’s almost Christmas Day, and here in Portland the weather is cold and rainy, though as I type this we’re getting a sun break. There’s a very slight chance of some snow on Christmas afternoon. Fingers crossed.

Here’s hoping you’re all safe and have a happy Christmas and rest of year!

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25 Responses to Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

  1. PoisonedBlogger says:

    Well, darn, Rick. Dexter appears to be a much better wrapper than I am. He can help me anytime. If Pongo continues to hide, there just be a glimpse of Santa! Happy Christmas to you and all of your household! – Lesa

  2. Steve A Oerkfitz says:

    Merry Christmas Rick. Mostly cold and windy with a slight dusting of snow here.

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas, Rick. And I won’t mention the weather here in Southern California…

  4. tracybham says:

    It looks like Dexter is the solemn, more mature one, and Pongo is big-eyed and excited. Lovely photos.

    I hope you do get some snow. I haven’t seen much snow in my life and definitely never on Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you, Barbara, and the cats.

    • Your assessment is correct, Tracy. It’s Pongo who kept us from adding ornaments to the tree. He’s definitely Barbara’s boy, he wants to in whatever room she’s in. Hope you both find a happy surprise under the tree, and Rosie too.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Good looking cat pictures, and this from a non cat lover. We had cold and very dry weather The Christmas forecast is now milder (50) but with periods of rain on and off throughout the day. As long as the snow stays away for another 11 days I’m happy.

    Have a great Christmas.

  6. Jerry House says:

    A very happy Yule time to you, Barbara, Dexter, and Pongo. I hope Santa brings you some snow (but not too much) and many presents under the tree. Be happy,, healthy, and safe, my friend.

  7. rosemarykaye says:

    Happy Christmas to you and your family (human and feline) from Scotland Rick.

    I am currently in rainy Edinburgh – no sign of snow, but I don’t really want to see any till we’re safely back up in Aberdeenshire.

    We didn’t even try with a tree this year as Mr Charlie Parker, at 6 months old, would have seen it as a challenge (and won!) He’s already made his valuable contribution to wrapping, mostly by chewing up the paper. (Our previous cats had a habit of eating tinsel too.) But Mr C makes up for it in entertainment value, and we are very happy to have him.

    I hope you all have a lovely time.

    • Delightful to have you comment, Rosemarykaye, from fr off Scotland. We hope your Christmas is joyous, full of love and laughter, and that Mr. C enjoys the excitement of paper and feast. Be well and content.

  8. Western NY has a snowy Christmas Eve–about an inch of fresh snow here–but it will all melt away as the temps move into the 40s later this afternoon and stay there into next week. Hope you, Barbara, Dexter, and Pongo enjoy a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Jeff Meyeson says:

    TRACE, not tarce

  10. Evan Lewis says:

    Have a very Catty Christmas!

  11. Todd Mason says:

    Hope the year is off to a decent enough start, for you two and the furry two.

    • Things are okay here, though I’ve been a bit under the weather. I’m glad the holidays are over and I can get back into my usual rut, which is staying home and reading. Hope 22 is a good one for you.

  12. rosemarykaye says:

    Hi Rick – Lesa told us you were not well today. I do hope you are starting to feel better.

    And I totally agree (as I’ve said on Lesa’s blog today) – I could not wait to get back to my daily routine/rut of reading, writing, and walking. I don’t want much else from life!

    Get well soon, and in the meantime, all good wishes for 2022.

  13. tracybham says:

    Rick, I am sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. Take care of yourself. And be well soon.

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