reading short stories – Nov 3, 2021

Let’s face it, single comic book issues tell a short story, and a series is a set of stories. So this time I have Arrowsmith for you. These are the first six issues of Kurt Busiek’s 2004 magic & war comic, with excellent writing and artwork. There was a second set of issues the following year. Now Busiek has announced he’s going to write another set, a continuation.

The stories, one per issue, all written by Busiek:

“New York” 
“No Man’s Land”

For anyone interested in illustrated storytelling, these really are excellent, as a patriotic young man, clear-eyed, joins an aero-corps and soon faces the realities of war. Set in 1915. At the end of this month a hardcover omnibus of all 12 issues will be published by Image Comics.

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4 Responses to reading short stories – Nov 3, 2021

  1. 1412064gk says:

    This looks intriguing. I’ll have to check out the hardcover omnibus.i

  2. tracybham says:

    I like the art on those covers. And the setting in 1915 sounds good. I will look into it.

  3. Steve A Oerkfitz says:

    Not much of a comic book fan but these look a bit interesting. I’ve liked a few graphic novels such as American Splendor, Maus, Watchmen and The Sandman but don’t care for superheroes or manga.

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