TILISMA Handmade Wooden Book Stand 

This has arrived, and it’s a wonderful thing.

It will come as no surprise that I have many large, oversized books, art books and many others. They are often heavy, bulky and can be challenging to read unless laid on a tabletop. A book stand is a better way,  both to read and display these books, and Barbara found and bought this one, handmade of walnut, for us from Tilisma. You can see I put my new The Art of Pulp Fiction by Ed Hulse on it for demonstration purposes.

Description from website:

📖 MULTIFUNCTIONAL ADJUSTABLE BOOK & TABLET HOLDER – Extremely useful reading accessory, which can be used as cookbook stand for kitchen, textbook stand for study, a bible stand, office desktop book holder, a tabletop music stand for playing the piano or while reading in bed. Can be used as an easel
📖 HIGH QUALITY LUXURY ITEM – The product is lightweight and portable, holds the pages wide open and has several angles for comfortable use. Elegant design, rare material and exceptional craftsmanship make this book holder stand great addition to your house or office. Express your high taste!
📖 HANDMADE IN GEORGIA from the finest parts of Walnut wood by experienced craftsmen, which makes every single TILISMA wooden book holder unique. The product is eco-friendly, sustainable and is made almost completely out of wood
📖 PERFECT GIFT for students as a reading desk, for book lovers and bookworms to read anywhere hands free, for librarians and teachers and for everyone as a tablet holder
📖 LARGE BOOK STAND – Desk dimensions: 11.8″ X 9″. The front pin is 2″ wide, so it can easily hold both thick and thin books. It has a line for holding the tablet firmly. The back mechanism enables you to adjust the angle of reading in 4 different positions

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8 Responses to TILISMA Handmade Wooden Book Stand 

  1. patti abbott says:

    really lovely.

  2. tracybham says:

    That does look beautiful and well made, Rick. I can also tell it does its job with your big book.

  3. 1412064gk says:

    Very cool! Perhaps Santa might bring me one for Christmas!

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