Short Story Wednesday – Best Eaten Cold

Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories: A Murder Squad Anthology, First published by The History Press UK. This ebook edition first published in 2011

The Blurb:
Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories showcases a group of highly regarded, award-winning crime writers who all share a special passion for crime, which is reflected in this superb volume. Funny and sad, atmospheric and dark, ingenious and frightening, each of the thirteen stories in this collection will thrill lovers of crime fiction.

I have read the introduction and the first three stories so far. Very good.


  • Introduction by Martin Edwards
  • “The Habit of Silence” by Ann Cleeves
  • “The People Outside” by Martin Edwards
  • “Boom!” by Cath Staincliffe
  • “The Message” by Margaret Murphy
  • “Best Eaten Cold” by Stuart Pawson
  • “Basic Skills” by Ann Cleeves
  • “Laptop” by Cath Staincliffe
  • “Act of Contrition” by Margaret Murphy
  • “The Case of the Musical Butler” by Martin Edwards
  • “Mud” by Ann Cleeves
  • “Riviera” by Cath Staincliffe
  • “Sprouts” by Stuart Pawson
  • “InDex” by Martin Edwards

I especially liked the first Cleeves story, which featured Vera Stanhope. I’ll be reading the rest of this anthology in the coming weeks.

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9 Responses to Short Story Wednesday – Best Eaten Cold

  1. tracybham says:

    This sounds like a very good anthology. I went and bought the Kindle version.

  2. 1412064gk says:

    This does look like a wonderful anthology. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I’m ordering it Right Now! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    What George said goes here too. Can’t believe I never heard of this anthology. Like Tracy, I bought the Kindle edition ($1.99! – a bargain). My library has a ton of books written and edited by Martin Edwards, but not this one. I’ve read a lot of his books and several by Ann Cleeves. Cath Staincliffe has written not only novels but a lot of television episodes I do have one paperback by Stuart Pawson (LAUGHING BOY) but haven’t read it.

  4. patti abbott says:

    Are they all British writers? So many names are unfamiliar to me. And the same people seem to appear multiple times.

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