Fall is Here

Here it is the end of Summer, beginning of Fall, and though our drought is undiminished, rain is predicted for late next week. Meanwhile, we’ve had our high-dose flu shots, and will get Covid boosters  at the end of September when our 6 months are up.

Barbara has read the newest by Louise Penny, while I read and very much enjoyed William Kent Krueger’s latest, Lightning Strike. I have books in hand from the library, but though I wanted to read them when I asked for a hold, I can’t get started on them now. I may try something else later today, as it’ll be high 80s and I’ll be indoors. Meanwhile, here’s a picture from last week in our front garden. It’s the last of the Lilies.

I hope all who read this blog are well and content.

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10 Responses to Fall is Here

  1. tracybham says:

    That is a gorgeous lily. And your photo captures it beautifully.

    My husband and I are well, but… we do have stressors. Pavers are being installed in our driveway (shared by 16 others) by the condo association and today the driveway in front of us is being demolished and it has been loud all day… and we won’t be able to drive on the driveway for at least two week…. and even worse, we are getting smoke from the wildfires hundreds of miles away in northern California, so the air quality is bad. It could be worse, so I should not be complaining, but it does make me cranky.

    • Dear Cranky,
      Don’t worry, be happy! Noise lets you know you’re alive, without it the world would be a dull place. That said, you could always just go outside and yell them to “BE QUIET!”. I’m sure that would help. It does seem odd that you won’t be able to drive on the new driveway for weeks. Maybe Larry Elder owns the construction company? 🙂

      I hope the fires calm down, maybe some rain will help. It’s been an awful fire season in California, and here in Oregon too. But now it’s Fall and maybe some wet will fall (get it?) from the sky. One can hope.

  2. Jerry House says:

    Fall is one of my favotire seasons; in fact, it’s in my top four.
    I hope the autumnal equinox brings you and Barbara good health and good fortune, as well as a distinct lack of extreme weather, natural disasters, anrti-vaxxers, MAGA idiots, expensive home repairs, unsolicited salespeople ringing your doorbell, thermonuclear warfare, lima beans, and all other possible evils in this world. And when Pongo becomes ruler of the world, may he treat the two of you with the respect and deference you deserve. In short, have a wonderful Fall, my friend, and when Spring rolls around, may your garden be a riot of beauty.

    • You, you’re humor, made my morning, Jerry, thank you. (sucks more coffee from cup, tries to pry eyes further open) I’m pretty sure Fall will be better than Summer in terms of heat, which I’m a not fan of which, but it will be in the 80s again today here. Hey, I signed up for cool, rainy Pacific Northwest. What happened?

      Pongo is already ruler of the small world here, with Dexter as the Power Behind the Throne, and Barbara in charge of human activities. I just layabout like the proverbial lizard and sup at the tit of luxury. Ah, life! As for Spring rolls, I’m not a fan, I’ll take a bacon burger instead.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice pic. I still am willing to ship you all the water you can handle. We had the third wettest July ever followed by the fourth wettest August ever and with a week to go we are at the level of the sixth wettest September ever. We just had torrential downpours and more flooding the other night – but not where we are. Staten Island, flooding. Northern New Jersey, flooding. Central Park, two inches of rain. Here, just not so much. We’ve noticed an awful lot of browning lawns, which seems hard to understand given all the rain, but Jackie said it is from too much rain. Crazy.

  4. 1412064gk says:

    Temperatures in Western NY have normalized: we’re in the 60s where we should be at the end of September. But early September here was hot and muggy. I had my snowblower serviced so I’m ready for Winter! New York State Covid-19 rates are still going up. A couple of local schools have gone “remote” after over dozen students tested positive. Diane and I wear masks whenever we leave the house. All in all, Life is Good…but it could be better.

    • We are getting our Pfizer booster shots next week, but we still only go out masked, and for me, rarely go out at all. Which is okay, I’m a home body anyway, always have been. Sorry to hear about the troubles in your schools, I blame anti-vaxxers, but maybe that’s just me. Hope your Fall is lovely, and you sound ready for Winter. Now you can settle down with a good book.

  5. patti abbott says:

    I got mine two weeks ago because I was at the seven month mark. I used to have a few lovely lilies like that but somehow they have disappeared. I wonder if the end of the year cutting plants back by my lawn service destroyed them. After a lot of rain, nice weather is predicted for this week.

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