niggles & peeves

  1. It’s hot. – Again. We are so sick of this heat, and it’s going to be 85 today, in the 90s tomorrow and into triple digits by Wednesday and continuing. Arrg!
  2. Commercials – Watching the Olympics, it seemed excessive so for an hour in the early evening I kept track. There were 72 commercials between 6 and 7pm. 72! More than one per minute. We set up to record some stuff, so we could fast forward through, but with live watching, it was grim. Still we enjoyed the events we like, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, some gymnastics (don’t get me started on Biles), a few other things. Overall, we thought the coverage was so-so.
  3. Anti-vaxxers. What a pack of idiots. Their ignorance and gullibility affect the rest of us, and they don’t know or care. We’re staying home, masking and distancing if we need to go out. We’ll all never get back to normal until they wake up and get vaccinated.

That’s enough for today, but I may post more niggles & peeves in the future. Meanwhile, I hope you are cool, calm and reading a good book.

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12 Responses to niggles & peeves

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Excessive heat, commercials, and people who don’t take precautions like vaccines and masks, etc., just make things harder for all of us.

  2. tracybham says:

    Sorry that the heat is still bothering you and will continue to get worse. At least you do have air conditioning. We have none, so we will be in trouble if we have extended high temps.

    Commercials do suck. During the Fall and Spring we watch a couple of TV shows as they air, and it is amazing the repetition of the same commercials and the tastelessness of others. But we did not watch the Olympics at all, so that was not a problem for us.

    It is sad that so many people won’t or don’t get vaccinated.

  3. Steve A Oerkfitz says:

    Pretty much agree with you. I like it hot but there is a limit. I prefer mid 90’s low humidity. Triple digits are miserable. Every time I turned on the Olympics it had sports I could care less about-water polo, badminton, fast walking, ping pong.
    Right on about the anti vacers.

  4. 1412064gk says:

    The Delta Variant is surging in Western NY. Diane and I mask up every time we leave the house (which isn’t much these days) but frequently we’re the only ones in the store who are wearing masks. Right now, we’re under a Heat Advisory as temps will be in the 90s all week long with high humidity. I hate this.

    Stay safe!

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We’ve just had a great stretch of weather over the last 10 days with weather mostly in the upper ’70s to low ’80s, but the heat is coming back for a week. At least the rainy period we had most of July is gone. Sorry you are still so hot there.

    I’ve noticed with the last few Olympics that the NBC coverage has been pretty much unbearable. Endless commercials, only showing what they consider “premium” events like gymnastics, and an endless amount of that, a tease of what is coming up, hours long breaks between half an hour of gymnastics and another half hour shown two hours later, totally American-centric coverage, etc. ad infinitum. The only way to watch, really, is to record it and come back an hour or two later, but that doesn’t really work.

    Other countries do not do it this way! Go to England or France and you will have continuous coverage of whatever event is on, no commercial interruptions, no “heartfelt” back stories as if you were watching American Idol or some other so-called “reality” program, just straight coverage.

    Sad. Added to that is the time difference, which makes it harder to watch. Was there even any live coverage this year?

    As for the anti-vaxxers, I just ordered a “Science Doesn’t Care What You Believe” T-shirt.

  6. Patti Abbott says:

    I have watched none of it. I just can’t get into anything with commercials anymore. We are having rain again and it’s getting hotter too. The rain we are having is not the usual sort-it just is one deluge after another.

    • Seems like everything has commercials! But we don’t stream or have the special platforms like Disney+, Acorn, Hulu, etc. We recorded most of the daytime competitions so we could FF through the ads, but the evening show was bad. Still, only once every 4 years. The Winter Olympics will be next year!

  7. I love the Olympics and watched almost every night of coverage. And you are so correct, the commercials were ridiculous. I have not doubt, due to the low viewership, that NBC had to up the number of commercials for each advertiser as a way to mitigate potential revenue loss from not reaching expected viewer numbers.

    The coverage is never great when the games take place in a time zone so different from ours, and I have no doubt people in other countries feel the exact same way. I had to stay off social media as much as possible because so many felt just fine with spoiling events that took place during the day, our time, that were going to be shown in prime time viewing.

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