da heat, da power…

Update on the weather, etc.

Thursday it was 94° at 5pm when the power company shut down our A/C as a “power conservation measure”. The air came back on at 8pm, starting to cool the house back down, then at 8:55 all the power went out. It was out all night and came on at just after 11am this morning, less than half an hour ago.

Miserable hot night and we hope not to have lost food and meds in refrigerator. No cause for overnight outage given, so far. It’s 91° now, predicted to be 100° today (Friday).

– steps off weather whiner box.

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9 Responses to da heat, da power…

  1. Ouch! I sure hope that doesn’t happen again! It’s bad enough when it’s that hot during the day, but when you can’t sleep at night, it’s even worse…

  2. tracybham says:

    What a pain! Losing the a/c is one thing, losing all power is another. I would be very cranky if I was going through that.

  3. 1412064gk says:

    Rick, you live in Hell! No A/C with triple-digit temps is dangerous! Western NY was 70 degrees today and we’ll be in the 40s tonight. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario protect us from extreme heat. Western NY has NEVER had a 100 degree day.

  4. Patti Abbott says:

    Who wouldn’t complain? You might consider a backup generator it this is the new Oregon.

  5. 1412064gk says:

    National Grid can’t shut off my A/C. They could shut off the power for my entire block, but then my natural gas generator would kick in and keep the A/C running! You and all the other residents of Portland are in a terrible fix.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Yow, that sucks! Other than too much rain – which has affected the areas around us but not us – our weather has been almost as cool as George’s. We were at 60 this morning, going to a comfortable 77, about 8 degrees cooler than normal. We’re supposed to be within a couple of degrees of 80 for the next week. Re George’s comment, we haven’t had a 100+ degree day since July 18, 2012. We have had only ONE day over 100 in August in the last 65 years (in 2001). The most 90 degree days we’ve ever had in a single year was 39 in 1991 and 1993. Since 2010 – when we had 37 days over 90 – we haven’t had more than 21 in any year. I believe this year’s official total is 12 so far, and August is rarely warmer than July.

    Good luck. I agree with George, though. If Portland is going to keep having this kind of heat, I would have to seriously consider a generator.

  7. We got some cloud cover and it kept the high from happening. “Only” 94. Today could be better and then 80s the rest of the ahead week. This heat dome thing hasn’t happened before this year, and we haven’t decided what to do about it. I don’t like generators, or having to store gasoline in the garage. We’ll see. For now I’ll stop complaining about it. Thanks for the input and sympathy, everyone!

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