short stories – Long Story Short

Long Story Short: A Short Story Collection (Chronicles of St. Mary’s) by Jodi Taylor, Headline June 2021 trade paper, science fiction

I like Taylor’s Chronicles of St. Mary’s books a lot, though I’m the first to admit I’m way behind on the 10-book series. But short stories about the place? Sign me up. Not every story is about St. Mary’s history detectives, but any Taylor is good.

This collection brings together seven short stories from the internationally bestselling Chronicles of St Mary’s series, and one special guest tale from somewhere completely different and includes brand-new St Mary’s short story When Did You Last See Your Father? and original introductions from the author.

From riotous misbehaviour in Victorian London to ingenious feats of scientific invention (powdered water – just add water!), and from a chaotic Nativity play starring a vengeful Angel Gabriel to an illegal expedition to Mars, Jodi Taylor knows how to spin a good yarn.


Christmas Past The Farrells are together at last for their first St Mary’s Christmas, a time of riotous misbehaviour and the traditional illegal Christmas jump – this time to Victorian London.

Battersea Barricades A glimpse into the past of some of your St Mary’s favourites characters in the throes of Civil Uprisings.

The Steam-Pump Jump St Mary’s Max is injured and tied to Sick Bay but obviously a good historian would never let that get in her way. Step forward, Mr Markham…

And Now For Something Completely DifferentWho would the St Mary’s team be to turn down a little Christmas expedition to Mars? An illegal Christmas jump is traditional, after all.

When Did You Last See Your Father? Have you ever wondered how things would go if Max’s husband met Max’s father? This is the story of what can happen if St Mary’s doesn’t like someone…

Desiccated WaterProfessor Rapson breaks astonishing new ground with his latest feat of scientific invention.

Markham and the Anal Probing When Markham disappears in the middle of nowhere, Max jumps to the logical conclusion – alien abduction.

Little DonkeyA chaotic Nativity play like no other, starring a donkey intent on eating the baby Jesus and a vengeful Angel Gabriel.

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8 Responses to short stories – Long Story Short

  1. 1412064gk says:

    Long Story Short sounds very good. I’m ordering a copy now!

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Just read it last week, and I enjoyed it too. I liked that there were different narrators for some of the stories and there was enough variety that it didn’t feel samey at all.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. tracybham says:

    I have the first book in the series: Just One Damned Thing After Another, but won’t be reading it for a month or so. After that, I will probably get the first short story book by this author. I am looking forward to starting the series.

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