short stories – Hayden’s World

Hayden’s World Volume 1 by S. D. Falchetti, 2018 trade paper, science fiction

I’m not sure how I came across this self-published hard science fiction collection, probably saw it on Amazon. The cover is certainly eye-catching, don’t you think?

James Hayden is a scientist, businessman, explorer, adventurer, promoter, space pilot. He and the other characters in these seven stories survive the skies of Saturn, Uranus and other parts of the outer Solar Syatem, desperate struggles at the solar system’s edge, and takes near-lightspeed interstellar expeditions.

The stories are tied together, much like chapters in a novel. I liked that.


“43 Seconds”
“Silver-Side Up”
“Erebus” (novelette)
“Signal Loss” (novelette)
“Last Stand”
“Aero One”
“Titan’s Shadow”

See the image of the back of the book for a brief plot description. →

The writing style here is straightforward, clean. early Larry Niven in style. The stories are interesting, the characters involving and the hard science fiction well done.

When I finished reading this, I wanted more, and fortunately there is Hayden’s World Volume 2 which I have and plan to read soon.

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8 Responses to short stories – Hayden’s World

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Interesting. Another authors I’ve never heard of before. I checked Amazon and the first story (with a bonus of story #2) is available for free, so how can you go wrong, right? I downloaded it. I’m not a big fan of present tense, but it sounds worth a try.

  2. 1412064gk says:

    I’m going to download it, too. Back in the day, I enjoyed Larry Niven’s stories.

  3. Jerry House says:

    Sounds great. Thnks for the tip, Rick. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

  4. That is a fun cover, and it sounds great. Thanks for the review!

  5. tracybham says:

    I do like that cover. It is unusual for a self-published book to have such a nice cover.

    I downloaded the free Kindle short story also. Will try it out.

  6. Steve A Oerkfitz says:

    I guess I have to be the contrarian but I am not impressed with that cover. And I am not usually impressed with self published authors.

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