meanwhile… Maple Syrup

We don’t use maple syrup often, but a couple times a month we enjoy either pancakes or waffles, and when we do, we have them with butter and maple syrup.

Growing up, I remember we had either Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima syrup, which might have been maple flavored, or not, I’m not sure. It was fine, and I loved my Saturday pancakes and syrup.

Once living on my own, I didn’t make pancakes, if I wanted them I went out somewhere, and the syrup was whatever they offered.

Sometime in the 1990s I got a good griddle and started making pancakes for myself, and after some experiments settled on Trader Joe’s Dark Maple Syrup. It’s good, with a nice maple flavor and I like it.

Recently, after coming across an article on maple syrup, I decided to order and try Brown Family Farm syrup.  It has good maple flavor and is richer tasting than the TJs, though that difference is hard to explain. We like it, especially on waffles, which Barbara prefers over pancakes. We alternate.

Finally I bought one more, Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup, which has a deeper, darker taste, and is very good. 

Of the three, we’re not sure we have a favorite, they’re all different, so we use up one and then open another. Once we’ve gone through all three, we’ll decide which to stick with.

How about you? Do you use maple syrup? Do you have a favorite?

Also, do you prefer waffles or pancakes?

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17 Responses to meanwhile… Maple Syrup

  1. Steve A Oerkfitz says:

    I prefer pancakes but being a diabetic I don’t have them very often.

  2. Cap'n Bob Napier says:

    I prefer waffles but pancakes will do. I’m not fussy about the brand of maple syrup and I’ll use whatever’s in the house. Sometimes, at restaurants, I’ll use the pecan flavor.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Definitely pancakes. Never been a big waffle lover. When we were kids we’d beg my father to make pancakes on Sundays. But we’ve never made them at home. The last time I ordered them was…can’t remember. When we have brunch out (as we will be doing today), I order an omelet and Jackie gets either whole wheat blueberry pancakes or whole wheat waffles, depending on which restaurant we are patronizing. She gives me the equivalent of one of her pancakes (cutting the bits without the blueberries for me) or a quarter of her waffle (she gets berries on top) so as to eat less.

    There are other places in Florida (First Watch) or on the road (Cracker Barrel) where she duplicates that as much as is possible. There used to be a terrific Polish restaurant in Brooklyn Heights that made wonderful orange ricotta pancakes, but they closed, sadly.

    As for syrup, she takes what they give her, but if places offer “real” Vermont maple syrup, she will definitely get it.

    • Growing up, my Dad made pancakes every Saturday morning. We had a stove with a griddle in the center with the burners on each side. I don’t remember a waffle iron at all. As for fruit, I know many like it on pancakes, but for me, if I want fruit I just have it, no pancakes involved.

  4. 1412064gk says:

    Like Steve, I like pancakes better than waffles. I used Davinci sugar free pancake syrup but during the Pandemic, Davinci seems to have discontinued the product.

  5. Jerry House says:

    Pancakes, of course. Usually with regular pancake syrup because maple syrup is just too darned expensive. I could never figure ut the people at IHOP who would use the different flavored syrups on their pancakes. Probably they are alien clones who forgot to clone taste buds. In college, Sunday mornings was reserved for steak and eggs and a stack of buckwheat pancakes slathered in honey…yum!

    And potato pancakes with sour cream — heaven!

  6. Jerry House says:

    Geroge, when Davinci come back after the pandemic, perhaps you will Moan-a Less-a.

  7. I cannot make either so must resort to toaster waffles, which I have with peanut butter and whatever ripe fruit I have on hand. Yesterday it was peaches and peanut butter. This is by far my breakfast of choice but I only have it twice a week.

    • Pancakes are easy! We use either Klondike or Bisquick and just mix them up. It only takes a few minutes. But no peanut butter for us, thanks, and while I love peaches, I have them in a bowl, sliced.

  8. Maple syrup is great, but I’ve never been a pancake or waffle fan. If the waffles were super crispy than I would probably like them better, though I’m must not a fan of either so I really never have maple syrup.

  9. tracybham says:

    I am not particular about what syrup I have, but I do like maple syrup. I like either pancakes or waffles and we do have frozen waffles at home occasionally. I like butter and some honey with those.

    I like Patti’s idea of waffles with peanut butter. I will have to try that.

    If eating out I think it depends on which restaurant I am at. Some of them don’t do pancakes that well or consistently.

    I enjoyed reading all the answers.

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