The Allingham Casebook

Allingham 03The Allingham Casebook: A Collection of Classic Crime Perfect for the Armchair Detective by Margery Allingham, crime short story collection, originally published in the UK, 1969, ebook edition Agora Books May 2017

I enjoyed reading this diverting and intelligent collection of crime stories in ebook edition. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many of Allingham’s novels, though I have several left to read, but when I came across this inexpensive ebook format story collection it seemed like just the thing to pick up between other reading. Nothing profound here, just light, enjoyable tales.

1) Tall Story
2) Three is a Lucky Number
3) The Villa Marie Celeste
4) The Psychologist
5) Little Miss Know-All
allingham 016) One Morning They’ll Hang Him
7) The Lieabout
8) Face Value
9) Evidence in Camera
10) Joke Over
11) The Lying-in-state
12) The Pro and the Con
13) Is There A Doctor in the House?
14) The Borderline Case
15) They Never Get Caught
16) The Mind’s Eye Mystery
17) Mum Knows Best
18) The Snapdragon and the C.I.D.

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11 Responses to The Allingham Casebook

  1. tracybham says:

    I have read most of Allingham’s novels but not many of her short stories. One of her stories was in the anthology English Country House Murders, and I liked that one. And I bought Campion at Christmas which you recommended, but haven’t read those stories yet.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I’m pretty sure I read that Penguin edition years ago. Like Tracy, I’ve read a few in anthologies in recent years too.
    I’m been reading ,mostly non-genre short stories lately. Finished the Jean Thompson book, reading the (second) Michael Chabon. Also, I read a review of a recent book by Jim Shepard, an author I was not familiar with, that made him sound really good, so I borrowed one of his early collections (LOVE AND HYDROGEN) in a library ebook edition. The first story I read (“The Gun Lobby”) makes it look like I made the right choice.

  3. Jerry House says:

    I’m a big Allingham fan, Rick, and have read all of her Campion stories but have never dipped into the Youngman Carter or Mike Ripley follow-ups.
    I’m also continuing to read a lot of short stories from various sources — older collections available online, some of Otto Penzler’s “Big” anthologies, and various collections lurking in Mount TBR. In addition, I’m still poking though a number of John Creasey novels.

    • I read one of the Carter ones, don’t recall which, and it was fine. He was her husband, you know. I’m not interested in the Ripley ones, any more than I am reading follow-ups of Parker, etc.

  4. I have an Allingham collection around here somewhere. Your fine review makes me want to search for it and read it!

  5. By the way, have you tried to access BLACKGATE.COM lately? It seems to have gone away.

  6. I wonder if BLACKGATE.COM got hacked….

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