Short Stories Read: Apr 21

Six stories this week, the remainder of the stories in this anthology:

Continiuum 1 cvr“Shaka!” by Chad Oliver
“The Armagedon Tapes, Tape 1” by Thomas Scortia
“Prelude To A Crystal Song” by Anne McCaffrey
“The Dark of the June” by Gene Wolfe
“The Children’s Crusade” by Edgar Pangborn
“The Night of the Storm” by Dean R. Koontz

Of these, the McCaffrey and Koontz are the best. The former is the beginning of the authors’ Crystal Singer novel, which I read a long time ago and have on the shelf. I may reread it now.

The Koontz story, with robot protagonists, is new to me and I enjoyed it. I’m not sure if it was turned into a longer work than the four parts in this and the other three anthologies in this Continuum anthology series.

Overall I’d rate this set of 8 stories at just above average, with four of them quite good, two (the Scortia and Pangborn) below average and the remaining two average. The concept of a four volume continuing anthology series like this is unique, I think.

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14 Responses to Short Stories Read: Apr 21

  1. 1412064gk says:

    I searched and searched and finally found three of the four CONTINUUM anthologies. I’ll keep looking for the missing one. I like most of the writers included in this book.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    The Koontz story isn’t familiar to me either. My short story reading slowed down this week. I read Antonya Nelson’s IN THE LAND OF MEN, the fourth (and least) collection of her stories I’ve read this year. They are mostly set in Chicago, Wichita, Kansas, or the Southwest (Las Cruces, New Mexico area, Tucson, etc.). These just didn’t engage me as much as her other collections.

    Not sure what I am going to read next. I borrowed (Kindle) Michael Chabon’s first collection of stories, A MODEL WORLD, which I may previously have read, I’ll start it and see how it goes. Otherwise, I have two Crippen & Landru collections (will probably go with the Freeman Wills Crofts) and the second of Jodi Taylor’s St. Mary’s story collections.

    I like to read straight fiction stories, especially as most of my novel reading is in genre books.

  3. Steve A Oerkfitz says:

    I am sure I read this when it was first published but I don’t remember any of the stories. I like Oliver and am a big fan of Wolfe and Pangborn. I have never much care much for McCaffery. I have read some of Koontz’s early SF novels and found them pretty bad.

  4. tracybham says:

    This reminds me that I need to read more in the McCaffrey series.

  5. Todd Mason says:

    Looks as if the Koontz in V.1 was the beginning of a round-robin series of stories, which were not otherwise collected. As ISFDB notates them (SF in these cases referring to short fiction):
    The Night of the Storm
    1 The Night of the Storm (1974) [SF] by Dean R. Koontz also appeared as:
    Variant: The Night of the Storm (1974) [as by Dean Koontz]
    Translation: La nuit de la tempête [French] (1997)
    2 The Fire Fountain (1974) [SF] by Gail Kimberly also appeared as:
    Variant: The Fire Mountain (1974)
    3 Darkness of Day (1974) [SF] by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski
    4 Making the Connections (1975) [SF] by Barry N. Malzberg

    • Todd Mason says:

      That is, the four stories were never as yet (to ISFDB’s knowledge, at very least) collected together in one volume. The Malzberg was collected in his DOWN HERE IN THE DREAM QUARTER and anthologized, for example. The Kinberly and the Sargent & Zebrowski collaboration have only appeared in CONTINUUM volumes, so far.

  6. Todd Mason says:

    WP delay magic. Thus this went up twice. Please delete redundancy…

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