Bought a Few Things…

I read the Black Gate blog daily, and occasionally the chief editor, John O’Neill, posts about lots of science fiction and fantasy books he buys on eBay. Last time he did this I was inspired to try it, and this is what happened. Not great, a few authors I’m not fond of, but cheap and some things very readable. Did I mention cheap? Just a few bucks.

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13 Responses to Bought a Few Things…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I see some real talents there: Anderson, Asimov, Pohl, Silverberg… I some of these were/will be appealing.

  2. 1412064gk says:

    I think you scored Big Time! For a few bucks you now have 24 books from a variety of writers and with some very nice covers. Nice job!

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice haul! Bill (who spent a lot of time on eBay) would have been proud of you.

  4. tracybham says:

    What a lovely group of books… with great covers. There is a lovely cover with a skull on it. And Magic for Sale by Avram Davidson with short stories and a skeleton on the cover. That looks great.

    I haven’t read anything by most of the authors here. I have read THE END OF ETERNITY by Asimov, in 2013. I would like to read more by Rober Silverberg, I don’t have any idea what I read by him in the past.

  5. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    I’ve read about 7 of these but none recently. I didn’t like the Asimov’s. I think his writing is subpar. His short stories are better than his novels. I do like Dan Simmons, Silverberg and Greg Bear. That is a Silverberg I have not read. I could never get very far into anything by C.J. Cherryh and I refuse to read anything by Card because of his politics. Not familiar with the McIntyre. I really like her the Snow Queen.

    • Steve, when I saw the Card books I thought “Steve will give those a thumbs-down.” I like Songmaster a lot, and Ender’s Game. I don’t usually pay attention to writers & artists politics, though. I have read a little Cherryh, a Chanar novel or two. But for a few bucks, I can keep some and donate the rest to Goodwill.

      • Steve Oerkfitz says:

        I used to go to used pb stores and pick up a lot of stuff, a much of which I still haven’t read. The Alvin books are basically a retelling of the founding of Mormonism.

  6. Patti Abbott says:

    So you buy books in bulk somehow? Not that I have room for them, but it is fascinating to have all these come in at once.

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