Shelf Shot 14

I love the artwork of Greg Manches, and was delighted when Above the Timberline came out. It’s both written and illustrated by him, and is a fun story.

Next, you can see the first five (thick, meaty) volumes of The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams by Carroll John Daly.

The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Altus Press/Steeger Books, volume 1 (c) 2015, subsequent volumes every year and a half or so. I have Volumes 1-5 and have Volume 6 on the way, it being the most recent. Volumes 1-2 seem to be OP. Each costs $29.95.

To give you an idea, Volume 1 runs 654 pages, with an Introduction by Brooks Hefner and twenty-one stories. Each of the other volumes is equally robust.

Daly is, reliably, I think, considered the creator of the hard-boiled detective story, though naturally there are plenty of people who would argue with that. I’m not one of them.

Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask Magazine, author Carroll John Daly pioneered the hard-boiled P.I. story and perfected the genre with his classic character, Race Williams. Apart from the novel-length Race Williams stories, these classic hard-boiled thrillers have rarely been reprinted, if ever.

The only problem I have with these is that there is so much material it’s going to take me forever to read it all!

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12 Responses to Shelf Shot 14

  1. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    I know of Carroll John Daly but have never read anything of his. $29.95 is a pretty good price for a book from a small press. They usually cost closer to $40 or $50.

  2. tracybham says:

    I checked out Above the Timberline online, and that artwork is amazing. What a lovely book.

    I haven’t read anything by Carroll John Daly although I have heard of his work. I can see you have a lot of reading ahead of you.

    • It IS a lovely book, and the story is solid. Manchess has been a favorite artist of mine for a long time. Heaven knows when I’l get to the Williams, I’ve had about half of the first one.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Really nice. I’ve read one Daly novel and several of the shorter works (the ones I read were a lot longer than a “normal” short story). I didn’t realize you were such a big Daly fan.

    • Really, it’s Dave Lewis’ doing, Jeff. He kept telling me I should try some, I got a few stories, liked them, then this series came along… By the way, I Checked with Steeger books, all 6 are still available.

  4. 1412064gk says:

    I have those Race William books, too. And, like you, I need to find some time to read them! Between Race Williams and Dr. Thorndyke, I have thousands of pages to read!

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    I literally can’t read 600 page books anymore. My wrists have become very weak–maybe from typing too much. So watch out books under 200 pages. I am coming for you.

    • So sorry to hear your wrists are weakened, Patti. I like shorter books, but they’re harder to come by these days, though, aren’t they? Of course there are plenty of older paperbacks in the 200-250 page range.

  6. Beautiful books!
    I agree about Above the Timberline. It is so fantastic. I hope he tells more illustrated stories in the future.

    I have to say I learned something today as well as I had not heard of Race Williams or the author before reading this post!

    • It’s the real, original hard-boiled stuff, Carl. Think Black Mask magazine, or early Hammett. I enjoy it in occasional doses, which is why it’ll take a long time to read all these, but fun while doing so.

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