Report from 55th Place

I keep trying to get a decently written and formatted post up, but the idiot WordPress block formatting leaves me frustrated and disgusted. So, single paragraph, no image posts seem to be the best I can manage. REPORT: Weather here is cool and sunny. I’m still having a major case of reading blahs, managing a short story or so every day two. Barbara started sending a few Christmas cards out, but we’ve cut the number in half, not because we don’t love you all, but it seems like so much work. I’ll try a single image below:

This is one of our Barberry shrubs, in it’s Fall finery. It’s a little over five feet tall.

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11 Responses to Report from 55th Place

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I don’t like the block editor, either. So I bypass it and use the classic editor. I like it very much better. Sometimes, things ain’t broke and don’t need to be fixed!

  2. Sorry you are having issues. It is unseasonably warm here today, upper 60’s, then supposed to be snowing by Saturday. Even the seasons are weird in 2020.

    I just told myself I have got to sit down tomorrow night and finish and mail my Christmas cards. This month is suddenly a third (or nearly) over and I don’t know what has happened to the time.

  3. tracybham says:

    That photo of the barberry shrub is lovely. The only real Christmas tradition I have is reading Christmas stories and Christmas mysteries and posting on some of them, so I am doing that. And we do watch movies on Christmas day. Sometimes we stick with Christmas movies, sometimes not.

  4. Mathew Paust says:

    Your blog looks a lot cleaner than the old Blogger platform I’m stuck with because I have too many posts there to switch to something more modern. Only thing I don’t like about Word is having to memorize another password. But, hey, as Willlie Nelson sings, “Nobody said it was easy.” Enjoy the holidays in peace and good health.

  5. Cap'n Bob Napier says:

    Nice bush.

  6. 1412064gk says:

    Like you, I’m hassled by the new WORDPRESS format. A step back.

  7. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice. Great color. Our trees around here have mostly lose their leaves (or are losing them), but a few of my favorites are turning red first. I like those the best.

  8. Todd Mason says:

    Was the excuse for WordPress much as it was for Blogger, Facebook and some others, that they wanted to make use Easier for people on their phones?

  9. Wanda Milwee says:

    I am astounded! I lived at 4019 SW 55th Drive, just up the hill from you. Moved in 8/1982 and moved to Florida in 2011.

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