Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll be off the blog until December, just relaxing and enjoying Thanksgiving, so I’ll see everyone next month. Stay good!

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Enjoying life in Portland, OR
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9 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Enjoy your break!

  2. tracybham says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Relaxing is good. Take care.

  3. Cap'n Bob Napier says:

    Enjoy your turkey.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) to you and Barbara. See, you (and we) were ahead of the curve with the whole “stay home with the people you live with rather than hosting a big family Thanksgiving” this year.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    Have a pleasant and relaxing day.

  6. 1412064gk says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! The Holidays this year will be weird, too.

    • Yep. We’ll be doing the very minimum this year, probably no tree, lights, decorating. Our very limited, one thing each, shopping is done already. What we’ll be celebrating is one more month of Trump.

      • Todd Mason says:

        Or at least counting down with relief, eh? MOTHER JONES notes he’s the first president in some time to start killing federal prisoners during his lame duck stretch. Of course.

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