Wednesday short story: “Crooked Souls” by Dashiell Hammett

Story from THE CONTINENTAL OP: THE COMPLETE CASE FILES, (Kindle ebook edition)
“Crooked Souls” first appeared in Black Mask, October 1, 1923

Harvey Gatewood’s daughter has been kidnapped, and the Op has been assigned to the case. After wading through Gatewood’s belligerence, it turns out to look more like she disappeared and it may have been kidnapping or maybe she just wanted to escape her tyrannical father’s crushing control. Then the ransom note comes…

This is a good one, as are all the Op stories, and all of Hammet’s stories and novels.

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8 Responses to Wednesday short story: “Crooked Souls” by Dashiell Hammett

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It is a good one. I’m a big fan of The Op.

  2. 1412064gk says:

    I’m fond of all the Op stories. I read them back in the 1970s and then reread them a few years ago. The Op stories are some of Hammett’s best work.

  3. tracybham says:

    I have read two of Hammett’s novels (The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man), but none of his short stories. I do have a copy of The Continental Op, and I should get to it.

  4. By the way, is anyone else seeing the shortage of paper products? Stores here, from Costco to Safeway, are out of TP, paper towels, etc. even Amazon shows back orders. Also, for no reaso I can fathom, Excedrin Migraine is scarce. WHY?

    • tracybham says:

      I had heard last week of some hoarding of paper products either before or after the election, but had seen no evidence of that here. We went to the grocery store this morning and the paper products like TP and paper towels were normal (for now).

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