FFB: I Go Pogo by Walt Kelly

I Go Pogo by Walt Kelly, Simon & Schuster 1952 trade paper, 190 pages, comic collection. My copy is well-used, not as nice as the one in the image.

Yes, I’ve made up my mind how I’m voting. I Go Pogo.

I first encountered Pogo when I was about seven years old. Each year my Aunt and Uncle and my Mom and Dad traded off hosting Christmas, and at Aunt and Uncle’s house in Pebble Beach, CA the bookcases had several Pogo books. They fascinated me. I loved the characters and stories, though at the time I missed most of the depth Kelly’s work contained. I was given a copy of this one as a gift about that time.

Each time I visited there, I went right to the Pogo books, and eventually started buying more of them. I have many, as I’ll show in a future Shelf Shot.

The blurb in the front of this tells of the first Pogo book, so named, being a long shot by the publisher but so beloved by fans of the comic strip that in a short time 200,000 people had “rushed to the bookstores and bourne their copies fondly home.”

I Go Pogo buttons appeared almost immediately and were a huge hit on college campuses across the country.

Now it’s election time. I suggest you go Pogo.

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6 Responses to FFB: I Go Pogo by Walt Kelly

  1. tracybham says:

    I don’t remember when I first read Pogo. He just always seemed to be in the comic pages when I was growing up. My father loved Pogo and we have a friend who is a big Pogo fan.

  2. Jerry House says:

    Pogo has my vote — a far better choice than current president Deacon Mushrat and his enablers Molester Mole, Seminole Sam, Sarcophagus MacAbre, Wiley Cat, and Simple J. Malarkey.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Yes, son, we have met the enemy and he is us.

  4. 1412064gk says:

    You don’t here much about POGO much anymore. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. By the way, Walt Kelly is not a relative.

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