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Currently… Holmes pastiches

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XII: Some Untold Cases (1894-1902 edited by David Marcum, MX Publishing, 2018 trade paper, mystery, Holmes pastiche anthology. This, and the volume preceding it, collect 33 of the many “untold tales” from … Continue reading

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FFB: Settling Scores edited by Martin Edwards

Settling Scores edited by Martin Edwards, Poisoned Pen Press 2020 trade paper, mystery anthology of stories with a sports element, stories originally published from 1940-1975. I liked this anthology quite a bit. Rather than me blathering on about it though, I’ll … Continue reading

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Ahh. Almost there.

Air quality is just about back to normal. As you can see, it’s cloudy, but we can see all the way to the Cascades again, and the air smells fresh. Whew. A little more rain, expected next week, and the … Continue reading

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A little Better, but still…

Air quality yesterday improved from Hazardous to Very Unhealthy. Here’s how that works: This morning it’s back to Hazardous. Still, you can see in the picture below the marginal improvement over the picture I posted a couple days ago. This … Continue reading

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The latest: due to the air quality: no trash pickup rain forecasted for tomorrow delayed until Friday, now with thunderstorms (so, lightning, which we really do not need) many drive-thru windows closed, including at the pharmacy library pick-up halted until … Continue reading

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Out of the Window

Here’s the view out of the window. Nothing but smoke. We’re sealed up with inside ventilation and exhaust fans running, and we can still smell it. Outside, it smells like we’re breathing in a campfire. Gaah.

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I’ll post when things clear up, hopefully soon.

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The Pacific Northwest is Burning!

It’s hot and dry. The west coast is burning. California is getting most of the news, but Oregon and Washington are in a bad way also. Here, the light is orange, the sky smoke-filled, evacuations ordered in the various levels, … Continue reading

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Pongo Wednesday!

Another Wednesday, another shot of Pongo, and as a bonus, also one of both the cats. First, Pongo. Now one of both cats. That’s Pongo on the left, of course, and on the right is Dexter, our older (five and … Continue reading

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Shelf Shot 13 – more poetry (part 2)

This will be the last poetry shelf shot, at least for a while. left to right: If You Call This Cry A Song by Hayden Carruth Poems by Agatha Christie Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering First Poems By Minou Drouet – she was eight years … Continue reading

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