Happy Friday. I’m reading some, did finish a book to be reviewed Monday, and the weather has been nice. But the White House resident has gotten me so stressed and furious lately it’s been hard to relax, or concentrate.

The non-arrival of our stimulus check, the loud all night pool party next door (still going at 4:40 am – sheltering in place, distancing, what are those?) and a now two day headache hasn’t helped my mood. Not one bit. So we’ve been working on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, which is slow going. I haven’t even been in the mood to watch TV or a movie. So it’s a bit of a slog at this point. I’m now reading some short stories, which, I hope, will give me a boost.

Meanwhile, this isn’t meant to be a pity party. How are YOU doing?

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  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I feel your pain. I went through a couple of days like that too. I can’t read or watch too much about it, and I refuse to look at Trump’s face or listen to his voice. Jackie just watches hours of this – Morning Joe (three hours a day), Nicolle Wallace (an hour in the afternoon), plus Cuomo and De Blasio daily updates. Not me. I would rather pick and choose articles to read,

    Television, I agree with you. Last night we watched a two hour Willie Nelson tribute concert on A & E on Demand. A bunch of people (including Emmylou Harris, George Strait, Sheryl Crow) sang Willie’s songs, some with him. It was very relaxing.

    As for the check, I can’t understand the problem you and Maggie and Beth are having. If you get Social Security via direct deposit, they have your information and it should be done automatically. Maybe today. Good luck.

    • Jeff, Barbara gets Social Security, I do not. I get a pension instead. We didn’t get a Fed return this year, but the IRS should have the information anyway. I suspect it’s the glitch I included in that last blast, the one from the Washington Post. George, who used Turbo Tax, didn’t get his, we went to H&R Block. But apparently unless you got a return, they never heard of you. What?

  2. I know I’m the exception during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I love staying at home and not traveling. Diane is cooking and baking up a storm. We’re catching up on plenty of TV and Blu-ray movies. We’re treating this time as a “stay-cation” instead of a quarantine. I’m happy to listen to music every day and organizing books I completely forgotten I had! Life is Good!

    On the other hand, I realize the Economy is broken and many millions of people are suffering. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed how too many Americans lived paycheck-to-paycheck. And, once the paychecks stopped, they had ZERO savings! We’re going to see a lot of poverty in the years ahead.

    Today’s WALL STREET JOURNAL says tax payers who used TURBOTAX have not received their Economic Stimulus payments. I don’t need the money, but I know millions of people do.

    • Yep, and H&R Block. Seems those who paid, are delayed.

      We agree on the stay home ting. No big deal! I just have to shut out the outside junk and try to enjoy things here the way I usually do. And get reading again.

  3. Steven A Oerkfitz says:

    I used Turbo Tax and got my stimulus money Monday night. I’m kind of glad I’m no longer in the workplace and don’t depend on a weekly paycheck.
    Embarrassed for my state of Michigan where two days ago a bunch of idiots staged a protest at our capitol to complain about stay at mandates. It was really a Trump rally complete with posters of Trump and Jesus and Confederate flags.
    Watched The Stranger on Netflix. Flawed but entertaining. Just started a Belgium show called The Break. And Bosch season 6 starts today.
    Been reading more this week. Finished several books including The Last Tourist by Olen Steinhauer and Do No Harm, the new Nate Heller novel by Max Allan Collins. Although I have a hard time buying Collin’s description of Dorothy Kilgallen as pretty.
    A pool party? Must be a lot warmer there.

    • Yes, it’s been in the 70s, but it was pretty chilly by 11pm, let alone early in the morning. We finally texted them and said “shut it down, please”. We could have called the cops, but we don’t want The Enemy Next Door. I remember Kilgallen from What’s My Line, and while she was always beautifully dressed, I wouldn’t have called her pretty.

    • Jeff Meyerson says:

      The Michigan protest was at least partly organized by a “conservative” group associated with Betsy DeVos’s family. No surprise there. They are all scum.

  4. Patti Abbott says:

    I could tolerate it better if I knew the end would be the end instead of a beginning.

  5. George says:

    What do you think of BOUCHERCON 2020 being cancelled?

    • It was close enough that we were considering driving down for it, so we’re disappointed, but not surprised. In spite of Trump’s eagerness, I think we’re in this for a long haul.

  6. tracybham says:

    I agree with Patti, what the future holds is scary. Just not knowing what it will be like is stressful.

    I am not having problems reading. I get more stressed about having to go out to get groceries and not finding things we need. (Although our supplies are fine. It is a mental thing.)

    We watch about two hours of some kind of TV (or movies) every night. Recently we have been watching Poirot (David Suchet episodes that we never watched and one of the movies with Peter Ustinov, Death on the Nile); and NCIS from the beginning; and Mission Impossible TV episodes. We will be watching the new season of Bosch.

    My husband is still working, at home, so there is some structure, but I am beginning to forget which day it is.

    We have not gotten a stimulus check. We used Turbotax. But last year was my last year working and I made the most money I ever made, plus I was 70 and getting Social Security and had to take money from an IRA so I made a lot, and add my husband’s pay and we may not even qualify. This year of course the income has come down a lot so we would get something when we file taxes for 2020?

    • I’m glad you are reading, Tracy, and watching too. Barbara watches news from 5 to 8 every night, and I absent myself during that, reading, or trying to. So when she asks if I want to watch something after 8, I’m already our of the mood.

      We didn’t get a tax refund either, and I guess that’s the problem. I would have though the Treasury / IRS was smart enough to take that into consideration, but I guess with the President at the wheel that was too much to expect.

  7. Cap'n Bob Napier says:

    Call the cops. There’s no reason you should have to listen to ignorant, inconsiderate bozos.

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