Current Reading – The Brindle Dragon series by Jada Fisher

The Brindle Dragon series by Jada Fisher, paperback or ebook 2018, YA fantasy

Book One: Chosen

The Blurb: Eist was born to be a dragon rider, she just knows it. When fate conspires to take her parents and leave her orphaned and injured, her future appears bleak. Unwilling to back down, she must overcome a system stacked against her. Even if she passes all the tests, there’s no guarantee she will ever fly on a dragon. Can she beat the odds and find her destiny or will she be stranded on the ground?

Chosen is the first book in the Brindle Dragon series which follows the story of a young girl and her most unusual dragon as they set out to defeat an evil they don’t even know exists.

Book Two: Awakened

The Blurb: Eist has her hands full with her truly unique dragon. With her grandfather, and mentor, out of commission, she has no choice but to embrace her training. And her destiny. But she can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is wrong. Can she figure out what before it’s too late for her grandfather?

Awakened is the second book in the Brindle Dragon series.

My Take: My reading has devolved to reading simple YA fantasy. I picked up this set for pennies and while the  writing isn’t great, it’s adequate for the story. Each book is about 150 pages, so it’s fast going. I have the whole 9 book set and am whizzing right along.

What have you been reading?

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20 Responses to Current Reading – The Brindle Dragon series by Jada Fisher

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I wouldn’t say that reading YA is necessarily devolving. There’s some very good YA out there. And, as I see it, sometimes we really do need to read different (e.g. lighter, shorter) things. These are not easy times…

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    After letting my three weeks expire and returning the Peter Robinson unfinished (I will try again), I read what would seem an odd choice under current circumstances: SEVERANCE by Ling Ma, There is a worldwide virus, you see, and few survivors, A group of about 10 are on their way from New York to the Chicago area. But then you realize the book is mostly about the narrator, Candace Chen, who immigrated here from China when she was 6, She was the last to leave New York and join the group, and the book is mostly flashbacks about her, her life and how she got there, It was a pretty fast read (especially when I have been having trouble reading lately), but I don;t think it will appeal to you.

    Also read the mildly amusing (at best) 3:10 to Boca & Other Meshuggeh Tales of the Yiddish West, by Zane Greyberg (apparently Jeff Rovin). Some of the wordplay is amusing, but these are no better than time passers, There are plays on Stagecoach, Dances With Wolves, Two Mules for Sister Sara and the like.

    I may be reading the fourth Peter Ash book by Nick Petrie next, I also downloaded Mo Rocca’s MOBITUARIES, basically about people who (in his mind) never got the coverage they deserved when they died, either because it was the same day someone more famous died – Farrah Fawcett died the same day as Michael Jackson – or some other huge story dwarfed their death,

  3. Steven A Oerkfitz says:

    Rick-Sounds too light weight for me. And I won’t read anything with dragons anymore unless it is written by Michael Swanwick. They have been done to death.
    Jeff-I liked the Robinson. Can’t stand Mo Rocca so I won’t be reading his book. I find him one of the most annoying people on the planet.
    I am finishing up Silver a Australian crime novel by Chris Hammer. Next up will be The Last Tourist by Olen Steinhauer, one of my favorite spy novelists.

    • I didn’t for an instant think this would be your kind of thing, Steve. I’m so far behind on Robinson, I can’t even recall what the last one I had was. Not being much of a spy fiction fan, I will be skipping The Last Tourist, I think, but I’m glad you’ll be enjoying it.

  4. tracybham says:

    Anything that you enjoy reading is good.

    I have read three books so far in April:
    Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger
    The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny
    The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter by Sharyn McCrumb
    The first two were better than the McCrumb book, but I enjoyed it too.
    I haven’t started my next book yet although I have plenty to choose from.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT by Chris Bohajian, which was okay but not great. Still working my way through the movie musical and just started a book by Robert Barnard. It’s on kindle and the name is not readily apparent (or remembered).

  6. Jerry House says:

    Recently read are TEN YEARS TO DOOMSDAY by Chester Anderson & Michael Kurland, THE LOST CASES OF ED LONDON by Lawrence Block, KUTTNER TIMES THREE, THUNDER JIM WADE, and TWO-HANDED ENGINE by Henry Kuttner (the last with C. L. Moore), and DREADFUL SANCTUARY and MINDWARPER (aka WITH A STRANGE DEVICE) by Eric Frank Russell.

    I’m currently reading 30-DAY WONDER by Richard Wilson and THE SECRET OF THE EARTHSTAR BY kUTTNER.

    An overwhelming amount of old SF there, some good and some just plain old comfort food.

    In an effort to avoid the news this past week, we watched TIGER KING, only to realize how much donald Trump has in common with Joe Exotic. **sigh** So we went back to binging on SUPERNATURAL and have just finished Season Two.

    As I type this, I’m listening to Randy Rainbow’s new song about Andrew Cuomo. The makes me happy.

    Stay well, stay healthy, stay socially distant, and enjoy your week, Rick.

    • I’m shocked at the amount of reading you are able to do, Jerry! Really! Your list would take me several weeks. That’s a lot of Kuttner. Who the hell is Randy Rainbow? BTW, Rainbow is Barbara’s maiden name.

  7. Jerry House says:

    Randy Rainbow is a popular musical satirist who uses song parodies to skewer the current administration. He’s blatantly gay, brilliantly witty, disgustingly talented, and thoroughly entertaining. You can check out his parodies on YouTube.

    And Rainbow is his real name so he may be a long-lost cousin to Barbara.

  8. I’m reading some novels right now after plowing through some Big Fat Books in previous weeks. Variety appeals to me right now. I just finished a YA novel I’m sure you would enjoy: CATFISHING ON CATNET. Plenty of cats…and danger! I’m almost done reading THE SECRET CHAPTER, the latest novel in THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY series. And, I finally got around to watching WATCHMEN on HBO (3 episodes in, 6 to go).

  9. By the way, I just received Volumes 3, 4, and 5 of THE COMPLETE DR. THORNDYKE mysteries! I plan to start reading the series soon! Thanks for the heads up on these wonderful books!

  10. David Gil says:

    Where can I find the bridel dragon series in paper back books?

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