Monday, Monday


I’ve been feeling a lot of stress over the Covid thing, and it’s playing hell with my glucose numbers, so I’m cutting out as many carbs as possible and eating practically all protein. Still, we’re doing okay here in Portland, staying home except for our weekly trip to market during “senior hours”.

Otherwise, it’s some reading, some watching TV and a few old Morse episodes. I also find I’m doing a lot of staring out the window, and listening to mostly classical music.

A year ago, I’d just finished The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima, a fantasy novel. Now, struggling through a mystery novel.

I’ve imposed a news blackout on myself, in an effort to stay sane. How are you doing? Getting any reading done?

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15 Responses to Monday, Monday

  1. tracybham says:

    I am feeling fine, but I have allergies, with coughing, runny nose, and sneezing. And light-headed. I have allergies year round (just worse now because of spring) so it doesn’t feel different. Same for my husband. Santa Barbara is well-known for inducing allergies due to so much pollen.

    Reading is slow. I am reading Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M. Delafield, something different for me. (My husband has read all of them and I am reading his copies.) It is an entertaining read. I have some non-fiction that I have been reading for months and maybe I will try to finish those. Boundary Waters by Krueger is my next mystery read.

    I hope your glucose numbers improve.

    • Thanks, Tracy. I’m working on it, but have had to shoot some Type R insulin in addition to my regular Diabetes meds to bring it in to line. I don’t like doing that. I think you’ll like that Krueger. Devon in the Thirties, eh? Doesn’t sound like my cuppa, but I understand it’s well written.

  2. Jerry House says:

    I just finished Rex Stout’s THE PRESIDENT VANISHES, a “political thriller” first published in 1934 — the same year Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin debuted. A somewhat plodding, multi-character novel of political machinations between pro-war and anti-war sides when the president of the United states is kidnapped. A fantastic and unbelievable premise anchors this murky and morally ambiguous book. Anyone looking for the brilliant writing found in the nero Wolfe books will be disappointed. It was interesting to compare this to Stout’s 1942 screed THE ILLUSTRIOUS DUNDERHEADS in which he eviscerates sitting members of Congress for their isolationist, anti-World War II, and pro-Nazi statements and votes.

    Much better (‘natch) was Kenneth Grahame’s THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS. I found myself identifying with Mr. Toad a bit too closely for comfort.

    Our go-to time waster this week has been to binge SUPERNATURAL from Season 1. We will probably interrupt that later today to binge TIGER KING.

    Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay well.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Not really (reading). Pretty much the same answer as last time. We’ll see. Even good books are just not holding my attention.

    • I finished a mystery novel today. I’ve started other books but have now reshelved them. Now I’m trying to decide what looks good to try. Comfort Reads are calling, old favorites or simple YA stuff, maybe fantasy.

  4. Cap'n Bob Napier says:

    I finished a Western last night. Working on models, wasting time on Facebook, walking the dog. I miss El Toro but for all I know they’re doing takeout orders. I’ll check. Stay sane and healthy.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    There is a very good Greek restaurant near us we like. We already got a delivery from them once, and it lasted for two days. Today we got a large margherita pizza and have half left.

    And Jackie went shopping and saw a dead guy laying in the next aisle. “Fortunately” (for her, if not for him) it turned out to be a heart attack.

    • WOW! That’s a shocker, no matter the cause. We haven’t managed to get any food delivered yet. We seem to be a dark zone between delivery areas, even Jimmy Johns sandwich place, famous for “we deliver” doesn’t come here. Enjoy your pizza!

  6. neeruahcop says:

    Finding it difficult to concentrate on reading nowadays but yesterday started AN UNWANTED GUEST by Shari Lapena and it held my interest and helped me through a highly-stress- fill day.

  7. Patti Abbott says:

    Unlike the rest of you, I am reading more. Staying away from news helps. Being home all day helps too.
    This is a very good video on how to protect yourself without going to extremes.

  8. Like Tracy, my allergies have been tormenting me. Plenty of grasses and pollens swirl outside my windows. I rarely leave the house, but when I do my eyes get scratchy and watery, my nose itches, and the sneezes begin! Otherwise, we’re doing fine while sheltering-in-place. I’m reading a lot. Every day I descend into the basement and sort through a couple boxes of books while listening to music. I have several boxes ready to go to SUNY at Buffalo…whenever they open again.

    Remember what FDR once said: “the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Don’t worry, be happy.

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