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There is Fall pruning and clean-up in the garden, especially now that the leaves are falling. There has been baseball darn near every night, but that ended with the awful showing of the Dodgers (Gaaa!).

I’ve either been busy or not in the mood to read. I said a week or two ago I’d read short stories, and I have been, but they are oldies, so – if I ever manage to finish a collection or anthology, I’m trying to save them for Friday forgotten.

So for various reasons, I have, once again, nothing to share for my current reading post. Sorry.

Meanwhile, what are you reading?

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  1. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    Glad I live in a apartment. Did more than enough yard work growing up. Hate raking leaves.
    Reading The Devil In the Marshalsea, a historical novel by Antonia Hodgson. It takes place in a debtors prison in London in 1727. Not a fun place by any stretch of the imagination. Reads very well. Also read Face It, Debbie Harry’s autobiography. It was okay.

    • I may have said last week, I prefer to listen to Blondie than read her book. I did yard work as a kid too, but we do love our garden. It’s just that as we age (both in 70’s) there are some tasks that are getting pretty difficult.

  2. Jerry House says:

    Another slow reading week for me, also.

    I finished F. Paul Wilson’s DYDEETOWN WORLD. Despite its many faults it turned out to be a fairly entertaining novel and was my FFB this week. I followed that with Wilson’s THE TERY, a much better — albeit more predictable — novel in the same series. I’m currently working my way through his AN ENEMY OF THE STATE, the first book chronologically in the loose series and the third published. This one was elected to the Prometheus Hall of Fame by the Libertarian Futurist Society and its die-hard libertarian point of view is a little off-putting. Don’t most people outgrow libertarianism by their sophomore year of college?

    The only other book I read this week was THE FACE OF THE EARTH AN OTHER IMAGININGS, a collection of very early stories, essays, and articles by Algernon Blackwood, many of which have never been reprinted. This was a Stark House publication edited by Mike Ashley, all very minor stuff but a great treat for Blackwood fans.

    It’s been a blessedly quiet week here — the type of week where the most excitement would be if the general store got a new bacon slicer…if we had a general store and if bacon slicers were a thing. This week promises to be equally quiet; we will be stopping by for a factory recall on the airbags of our ten-year-old car, though. Exciting times, eh?

    Have a great week, Rick!

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Fortunately, I don’t have to rake leaves. However, like a child (or so my wife says), I still love to walk through them and listen to the sound.

    I read the latest (#30) of Archer Mayor’s Joe Gunther Vermont series, BOMBER’S MOON. Once again, Mayor changes things up, as Joe’s team gives some of their on screen (so to speak) time to new characters, a young reporter (daughter of Joe’s girlfriend) and a PI. All his books are worth your time.

    Short stories? I’m still reading and enjoying THE BEST OF MANHUNT. My short story reading has slowed down a lot in the last few weeks, though I still read at least one a day.

    Patti Abbott reviewed Tom Rachman’s first novel, THE IMPERFECTIONISTS, a couple of weeks ago. At first I was sure I’d read it, but turns out I had only started it before having to return it to the library. So I took it out again, and this time raced through it quickly. It is, basically, a series of interlocking stories about the people who work at (or, in one case, just read) an English language newspaper in Rome, now near closure after 50 years. The stringers, the editor, the publisher, reporters, each get a chapter, Very well written and worth your time.

    Not sure what I will read next, I have three or four library books, and I’ve downloaded a couple more, including Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer Prize-winning THE SYMPATHIZER. We’ll see.

    • I’m still reading that MANHUNT anthology, and finding it slow going, as not all the stories catch my fancy. I’m also reading another book of shorts, which, if I cannot through it, will be my Friday book this week.

  4. Like Steve, I despise yard work in all forms, especially raking leaves. I spent my time more productively reading William Goldman’s scripts to many of his famous movies: BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, HARPER, ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, THE PRINCESS BRIDE, etc.

    • Well, George, some of us really like getting out in the garden. We have a leaf blower, so that part is easy, though they still have to be bagged up. We use some for compost, but the rest go to the compost bin the city picks up.

      I saw your post and enjoyed it.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    Hey, I think I disappeared. Reading THE BODY IN QUESTION (Jill Ciment) about two jurors on a murder trial. Seems good so far.

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