I don’t seem to be reading much, or much that is worthy of a blog post, just lately. Sorry for my lack of posts. Meanwhile, the weather is cool and rainy, which is nice, and at least it’s reading weather, if I were doing much of that. I did finish one of the Posadas County books last week.

What are you reading?

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8 Responses to Slowdown

  1. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    Reading IF She Wakes from Michael Koryta and enjoyed it. Also reading Sefira by John Langan-a collection of literary horror stories.

  2. After our trip to New York City, I’m playing catch-up with Library books that are coming due. I’m reading them by length–short ones first–and the ones I can’t Renew because they have holds on them. Although we had an 80 degree day yesterday, we’re back in the 50s today with rain in the forecast.

  3. tracybham says:

    In the last week I finished A PRIVATE VENUS by Giorgio Scerbanenco, and THE WOLVES OF WINTER, a post-apocalyptic novel set in the Canadian Yukon. Both were very good. Last night I started the 2nd Wallander book, THE DOGS OF RIGA.

    Our weather has been similar to George’s. The weekend before last we had hot weather (for Santa Barbara), then middle of last week it got a lots cooler, and we had a good bit of rain over Saturday and Sunday.

    • I read ON THE BEACH when I was in high school, but generally have bot been much of a apolcalyptic or post-apocalyptic reader. As for Wallander, that’s one of those “always meant to get to” things.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It was 85 here today, officially, though my phone said it was 88 in Brooklyn. Back to a more normal 71 tomorrow. We went to see John Wick, Chapter 3.

    Reading? Got home Tuesday night from New Orleans. I read A Killing at Cotton Hill, the first in the series about former Texas Sheriff Samuel Craddock by Terry Shames. Good but not great. Then read Lines of Departure, military SF by Marko Kloos, the second in his series about Andrew Grayson. I liked it, though perhaps not as much as the first. Also reading a bunch of short stories, some in the collection of early stories by Robert Silverberg (SF Megapack).

    I started the first of the Claire Booth books about Sheriff Hank Worth, The Branson Beauty (downloaded to the Kindle from the library), but have put it aside to read The Gray Man, first in Mark Greaney’s thriller series, which is a very fast read. Someone left a bunch of the paperbacks in our basement laundry room library and I picked up the first half dozen of them. It makes perfect sense to have a ringing endorsement from Lee Child.

    • I guess it makes sense, if you like Lee Child. I’ve yet to read a Reacher novel. As I said, the Booth books get better. You could just read the third one, A DEADLY TURN as a stand-alone.

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