Friday Forgotten Stories – Space Pioneers edited by Hank Davis

Space Pioneers edited by Hank Davis and Christopher Ruocchio, Baen 2018 mass market paperback, science fiction

This nineteen story anthology is edited by one of Baen’s best, Hank Davis. Though the book is pretty new, the stories range from as early as the Thirties all the way to now. So I think it qualifies as a Friday Forgotten Book for it’s contents.

For the most part, this is the kind of science fiction I grew up on and still love. These are what is now – with the exception of two of the newest stories – thought of as “old fashioned” hard SF.

Davis provides brief editorial comments before each story. I particularly enjoyed the Pournelle and Simak. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Introduction: Will The Space Ocean Have Gems? By Hank Davis
“Third Stage” By Poul Anderson
“Becalmed In Hell” By Larry Niven
“Delilah And The Space-Rigger” By Robert A. Heinlein
“Expedition” By Fredric Brown
“Not Yet The End” By Fredric Brown
“Superweapon” By David Drake
“In From The Commons” By Tony Daniel
“Home Front” By Sarah A. Hoyt & Jeff Greason
“Incident On Calypso” By Murray Leinster
“All The Traps Of Earth” By Clifford D. Simak
“The Cave Of Night” By James E. Gunn
“He Fell Into A Dark Hole” By Jerry E. Pournelle
“What’s It Like Out There?” By Edmond Hamilton
“The Man Who Lost The Sea” By Theodore Sturgeon
“The Parliament Of Owls” By Christopher Ruocchio
“Quietus” By Ross Rocklynne
“Men Against The Stars” By Manly Wade Wellman
“Over The Top” By Lester Del Rey
“Kyrie” By Poul Anderson

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11 Responses to Friday Forgotten Stories – Space Pioneers edited by Hank Davis

  1. tracybham says:

    This sounds very good, Rick. When I first read science fiction in my early twenties, I read a lot of science fiction stories, lately I have stuck to novels. The authors I remember reading were by Theodore Sturgeon and Robert Silverberg.

  2. Jerry House says:

    I’ve read all but five of the stories here, Rick. Great stuff! Davis has a knack for putting together solid anthologies.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice group of authors and stories. Former DAPA-EM member Davis has put together many good Baen anthologies.

  4. I have SPACE PIONEERS and like Jerry I’ve read a number of the stories included. Jeff is right about Hank Davis and his ability to assemble enjoyable anthologies.

  5. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    A pretty good book. My favorites being the Simak and Sturgeon. Davis tends to stay away from the Baen regulars who populate other anthologies from Baen. Most of whom are too right wing for me. And are lousy writers besides.

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  7. Carl Rosenberg says:

    I hope to read this anthology, Davis shares with another good anthologist–the late Gardner Dozois– a knack for selecting stories from various eras.

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