current reading – nada

Slow going lately, plus some computer problems, so this will have to do for current reading this week.

But don’t let that keep you from sharing what you’ve been reading!

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  1. Patti Abbott says:

    I share your lethargy. Nada here too.

    • Yes, with Barbara on crutches, I’m doing a lot more little this ‘n’ that’s, which all takes time. Plus she usually runs the errands, while she’s out, and I’m doing that too. So, less reading time, and then can’t find a book to really connect to. I’m trying a fantasy novel now.

  2. I enjoyed reading Bill Crider’s last book, THAT OLD SCOUNDREL DEATH. I’m reading a Big Fat Book (876 pages!): volume 2 of THE CENTURY’S BEST HORROR STORIES: 1951-2000 (2012) edited by John Pelan.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    BIBLIOMYSTERIES, Volume Two. I’m on the final story. It’s OK but not great.
    Bill Crider, THAT OLD SCOUNDREL DEATH. The last Sheriff Rhodes (*sniff*) book. I read 100 pages yesterday, will probably read the rest today. This is the series where the Bill Crider “voice” comes through most clearly IMHO, Fun as always.
    Charlie Jane Anders, SIX MONTHS, THREE DAYS, FIVE OTHERS. I haven’t read her before, but I am liking this short story collection quite a bit.
    Christopher Anvil, INTERSTELLAR PATROL. Just read the first story so far but enjoyed it.

    Yes, I’m reading all of these at once, more or less. I read Elinor Lipman’s essay collection, I CAN’T COMPLAIN, which I really liked, Also read Steven Cooper’s DESERT REMAINS, which wasn’t bad. So, a pretty good reading week here.

    • As I said before, I thought the second Bibliomystery volume was weaker than the first, but worth reading. As I said to George, I’ve not started the Crider. Anvil is a favorite of mine, but not for everyone. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

      I can’t seem to read several books at once, though it happens occasionally.

  4. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    Just finished a British spy novel, The Moroccan Girl by Charles Cummings which I enjoyed. Now reading The Wild Bunch a book about the making of Sam Peckinpah’s classic western.

  5. Jerry House says:

    Not much in the way of books finished this week. Most of my reading was of short stories from THE BIG BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES, as well as from Penzler’s GHOST and Vampire collections. I’ve also been reading a number of Seabury Quinn’s Jules de Grandin series from WEIRD TALES as well as stories by Lester del Rey, Henry Kuttner , and others.

    I did, however, finish two graphic novels: Rick Geary’s first compendium of Victorian era crime (H. H. Holmes, Jack the Ripper, and others) and the James Bond original adventure HAMMERHEAD. Both enjoyable.

    I hope you’re using this week to show Barbara what she means to you and I hope she recovers quickly. Stay safe and stay off of icy roads, walks, driveways, etc., my friend.

    • I’ve read the THE BIG BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES, and thought it was a fairly good anthology. I skipped those two Penzlers, not my cuppa. We’re staying safe and indoors, though the snow isn’t much compared to what the eastern part of the country has had. Pretty, though. What I’m realizing is how many little things Barbara does while I’m not paying attention. I do so much appreciate her!

  6. tracybham says:

    I have been reading more lately. I read two spy novels. THE SHANGHAI FACTOR by Charles McCarry, which was very very good, but not as good as his Paul Christopher books. Which then motivated me to read Olen Steinhauer’s ALL THE OLD KNIVES, which I liked even better, and it was a fast read. Now I am reading EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE by Peter May. Set in France.

    Can anyone give me advice on going ahead and reading Bill Crider’s new book now, instead of waiting until I have read all the others? Does it make any difference? I have read the first five in the series, have a ways to go, and had intended to read in order.

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