Forgotten, or Not: The Will of the Dead by George Mann

I’ve read all of the Holmes canon several times, and I’ve read and enjoyed many pastiches. I’ve also come across some that were fairly wretched. One never knows what is in store when starting a new Holmes story collection or novel.

The Will of the Dead

The Will of the Dead by George Mann, Titan Books 2013 trade paper

I’ve been buying and reading some of the Sherlock Holmes pastiches being published by Titan Books, and enjoying them to various degrees.

The story opens with a death, an old man stumbles and falls down the steep stairs in his home. In the morning, the maid finds him, lying at the foot of the stairs, dead of a broken neck. The four nieces and nephews of the man are staying in the house after a birthday celebration the day before.

The attorney is called, but surprisingly the will is nowhere to be found. Thus instead of each child getting a quarter of the sizable estate, the eldest child will get it all. A younger child goes to Holmes to see if he can find the will and restore his share.

That’s the basic plot, and it is well written and the characters move the story along in spite of what may seem an obvious criminal and motive. But wait, there is  a secondary plot, because this isn’t just a Holmes pastiche, it’s a steam punk Holmes pastiche.

To say more might spoil things, so I’ll just add that I enjoyed this one, and you might too.

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13 Responses to Forgotten, or Not: The Will of the Dead by George Mann

  1. tracybham says:

    This does sound good, Rick. I haven’t read anything in the steampunk subgenre. I have only read A Study in Scarlet by Doyle, thus I probably should get more familiar with the original books and stories first.

  2. Just by chance, I just finished reading ASSOCIATES OF Sherlock Holmes edited by George Mann. It’s a collection of original Holmes pastiches. I’ve read a couple of the TITAN BOOKS faux-Holmes novels and enjoyed them, too.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    But is Cthulhu in it?


  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We were freezing up to yesterday, but we had a great time seeing everyone, especially at the Sunday barbecue at Deb’s. We’re leaving for home this afternoon.

  5. Steve Lewis says:

    I’ve more or less given up on all Holmesian pastiches. They were fun at the beginning, whenever that was, but the more common they’ve became, the less readable they’ve been to me, even those by known authors. Given the steampunk connection, a subgenre that doesn’t appeal to me at all, I enjoyed your review, but I’m going to pass.

    • If your desire is, as mine, straight pastiche within the framework of the original stories, location and characters, then you can do no better than the series of MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories. The series is up to 10 volumes and every one is excellent, I have yet to be disappointed. I have the latest 2 (Volumes XI and XII) on the way.

      See this post: MX Book.

  6. Evan Lewis says:

    I have this and one other Holmes ebook (The Spirit Box) by this guy, but have yet to dip in.

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