I received some nice things for my birthday, including – surprise! – books. Take a look.

So, lots of good reading ahead!

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16 Responses to Incoming

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Sweet. You can never go wrong with books.

  2. Patti Abbott says:

    Haven’t read Crowley in years.

  3. Very nice! I’ve read OUTLANDER years ago. I have a copy of THE DOOM LEGION waiting to be read.

  4. tracybham says:

    Books are the best gift. I am not familiar with any of these, and I look forward to hearing about them. Well, of course, I have heard of Outlander but have not read any books by that author.

  5. Evan Lewis says:

    You been watching Outlander? Pretty dang good show.

  6. “Spider: The Doom Legion” grabbed by attention instantly.

  7. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It’s Monday afternoon. No new reading post this week?

  8. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    Crowley can be difficult sometimes but his short fiction is wonderful as was Ka. Hated Little Big tho.
    Tried the first Outlander novel years ago and found it falling too much into the romance category for my tastes.

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