Meet Dexter

I mentioned on Monday that we got a new cat. Here he is.

We’d had to put Belle, our fifteen-year-old female, down due to ill health. We were very sad and missed her terribly, but decided we needed a new cat to put the purr back into the house.

So Sunday we went to a local shelter and found ourselves this handsome boy. He’s four years old, was named Simba at the shelter, but we have re-named him Dexter. Maybe it’s for a favorite fine jazz player of mine, Dexter Gordon or it could be for Colin Dexter, author of the Morse books. Doesn’t matter, we like the name for him.

So say hello to our new guy, Dexter. He’s good sized at 9 pounds, a real lover and he’s making a nice adjustment to his new home. We expect him to be here a long time.

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12 Responses to Meet Dexter

  1. tracybham says:

    He is beautiful and looks very serious. I like the new name. And four years is a nice age.

  2. Dexter IS handsome, Richard. We had cats in the past and now we have a dog, a mix between a stray and a Doberman. She is one of seven born near our home. My family managed to find homes for the other six strays, which surprised animal NGOs because there were no takers even for pedigreed dogs up for adoption. The good thing about cats is that you don’t have to bathe them!

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Congratulations. Good looking guy!

  4. Evan Lewis says:

    Named for a lovable serial killer. Appropriate.

  5. fence says:

    He’s a beauty. Hope you and he have many happy years together 🙂

  6. Rick – From one cat lover to another, Dexter is a great looking tabby. Glad you found a new friend.

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