H O T !!

It is unusually, awful, nastily, horribly, miserably hot here, in the entire Pacific Northwest, from Seattle down through northern California, and we hates it (as Gollum would say). Three more days in triple digits, then several still in the 90s before it drops into the 80s. Even that’s not cool enough for me, but it will be an improvement. It’s been 50 days since we had a drop of rain.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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14 Responses to H O T !!

  1. Bill Crider says:

    The weather here is pretty much like yours.

  2. Jeffrey Meyerson says:

    I’ve been hearing about your awful weather from my brother too. Yuck!

    We’re pretty lucky, comparitively speaking. We had a week of below average temperature in the 70s (normal is 85) and thought it was 88 yesterday another coolish spell is coming.

    At least you have air conditioning.

  3. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    Mostly high 80’s. T Storms just coming thru. Detoit area.

  4. Temps have been in the mid-80s this week, but we’re headed for the 70s this weekend and next week. Buffalo has never experienced a triple-digit temperature.

  5. Charles Gramlich says:

    Very very hot, although we have cloud cover and it looks like we might get rain today. that would be a nice cooling relief

  6. John says:

    Chicago is alternating between cool and fair and muggy and cloudy. That last one is a summertime combo I loathe. Every now and then a thunderstorm rolls in like the surprise one we had on Tuesday, but they’re short lived. Out west and to the north of us the rain during July was much worse. Two rivers (Fox and Des Plaines) have flooded (twice!) and many people are praying for the waters to recede soon.

    When we were out in Idaho at the end of June the weather was scorching a few days and we worried about possible wildfires. Looks like it continued throughout last month and the fires happened. Hope it cools down in OR soon!

    • Thanks, John. We are having wildfire problems here and in Washington, and the smoke is terrible. We’re on a hill and usually the visibility of miles, but now the area only a mile or so away is obscured. They’re telling us to keep our windows closed and the air quality is termed “very bad”. Fire is terrible in so many ways!

  7. It’s been mostly in the 90’s until this week. Now it’s in the 80’s, still too hot AND it’s muggy. I wish it would rain good and hard, I’ve been living here in N.C. for more than a year now and I still can’t get used to the heat. Luckily, we have slight change of seasons here. So, something to look forward to. I understand that a lot of people in the Pacific Northwest do not have air conditioners – that must be tough. Hope the cooler weather will wend your way soon.

  8. UPDATE: No relief in sight. 90s (92 to 99) for the next week. Fires are everywhere, the air is full of smoke and we are being advised to keep windows closed and stay inside. This heat just wipes me out,

  9. Bob Napier says:

    We have a/c so I don’t suffer.

  10. Ours has been unrelentingly hot and smoky from big fires in every direction. Summer … who needs it!

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