The Summer Garden

It’s peak Summer garden time, and I took some photos Sunday. Our Lilies are especially magnificent this year. Lots of pictures for you. Click to see larger image.

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Enjoying life in Portland, OR
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10 Responses to The Summer Garden

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Purty! Really nice job.

  2. Impressive! But they all look like Triffids to me.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    Phil loves those Asiatic Lillies so we have a lot of them. This is a wonderful garden. Varied and colorful. I should take some pics too.

  4. Jerry House says:

    Lovely. You’re welcome to work my barren patch of land any time.

  5. Charles Gramlich says:

    Oh wow, beautiful

  6. Redhead says:

    Your garden is glorious!! Is that a blue hydrangea? Did you have to treat the soil so get the blossoms to be so vividly blue??

  7. You have a spectacular garden, Rick. Wow. I love those blue hydrangeas!

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