Just Arrived!

Just arrived yesterday from Illustrated Press is The Life and Art of Bernie Fuchs by David Apatoff.

Fuchs has long been a favorite artist, I first encountered his work in various magazines, most memorably in Sports Illustrated.

If you love illustration art, you’ll want to take a look at this fine volume. The book is in full color and features over 300 illustrations. It is 240 pages long and is filled with Bernie’s beautiful artwork reproduced from the original paintings and drawings, as well as rarely seen tear sheets from vintage magazines, photographs, color studies, and more.

There is an on-line preview of the book HERE

As always with books from Illustrator’s Press, this book is top quality. Highly recommended.

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7 Responses to Just Arrived!

  1. Charles Gramlich says:

    I don’t recognize the name but I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of his illos. Looks interesting

  2. Looks good! I’ll have to check this out.

  3. tracybham says:

    I told my husband about this and sent him a link to your post and he is very interested in this book. He had not heard of the illustrator, but this is his kind of thing. Thanks for featuring this here.

  4. Bob Napier says:

    The cover doesn’t inspire me.

  5. Bob Napier says:

    Okay, I checked the link and found a lot of illos that I liked a lot, especially the cars.

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