no forgotten book, current reading, etc.

No book this week, – computer problems. I may have to go to the Apple store tomorrow.

Update: No CURRENT READING either, also, since it was 103.4 yesterday, no trip out to look at a new computer. Posts will be delayed for a while.

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9 Responses to no forgotten book, current reading, etc.

  1. Bob Napier says:

    I didn’t think Apples had problems.

    • It’s 10 years old, Bob. Technology has marched on, and the old iMac, though working okay, can’t keep up. It’s mostly the operating system is now too old to run the applications and internet programs in use today. The same would be true with a 10 year old Windows machine.

  2. One feels that pain 🙂

  3. Charles Gramlich says:

    Hope things clear up on that front soon.

    • Im sure tired of doing this on the iPad or phone! Too hot today, I stayed in, probably same tomorrow, but I expect Monday I’ll head to the Apple Store. I’ve read a lot of info on MacWorld and know – I think – what I want to buy. the hassle is all the setting up, switch over, learning the new operating system, setting up the software and controls, hooking everything together. Etc. etc. But it is inevitable. *SIGH*.

  4. You made the Right Call when you stayed home with triple-digit temps outside. We had great weather in NYC during our trip. We walked everywhere in Times Square. Very crowded!

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Yeah, Times Square is a madhouse all the time. No more peep shows – unless you count the scantily clad women on the street wearing mostly body paint – but trying to walk can be brutal with all the people. Jackie complains every time we go to Midtown. Luckily, this time we were on 59th Street and Madison and walked over to Broadway and 50th to meet The Kelleys, so we didn’t have to go through Times Square. The downside, however, is that Sunday was the massive Pride Parade, so our one hour express bus trip took closer to two hours and we were nearly late for the theater.

    Bah! Keep off my lawn, tourist whippersnappers!

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