Aging Computer

For the last few months my main computer, the iMac, has been “acting up”. Slow to load programs, unable to access many websites, balking at running larger files, etc. I’ve done some fiddling with it, and haven’t been able to do much. It’s not crashing, I’m not in danger of losing files or any data, it’s just getting old and tired, I think.

But everything on it is set up just the way I like it, all the settings and so forth. So I keep trying to keep it going.

Cranky computers are a pain in the neck. How’s your computer running these days?


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12 Responses to Aging Computer

  1. Bill Crider says:

    Had your problems so bit the bullet and bought a new one. Love it.

  2. tracybham says:

    I recently got a new Windows 10 laptop with solid state drive, and I love it. Everything goes so fast now.

    • I’m a Mac guy, so my choice would be a new iMac, but there have been so many changes in the OS and the applications, it would be like starting over with toolbars, controls, etc. Even the keyboard is different (no numerical keypad, up/down keys, etc. I’d need updated versions of all my application/programs. *SIGH*

  3. Fence says:

    Luckily my laptop isn’t that old, so it is still running okay, unfortunately my internet is acting up. Certain websites just won’t load, and it isn’t the computer because it doesn’t matter what device I use to connect, same problem. But if I use a different network no problems. Tis a mystery…

    • If I try to use Safari to access many websites, I can’t access them, but if I use Chrome I can. It’s the age of my browser combined with the age of my Operating System. Thats what I assume from the error messages I get. I may be putting off the inevitable.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Ours are OK at the moment (fingers crossed). We basically use the laptop only during the two months in Florida. Jackie uses her tablet more than I do. I use the phone for internet when we’re out, like now.

    • We have one desktop (iMac), one laptop (MacBook Pro) and one tablet (iPad 2). Right now the iMac is little used as it’s acting up so badly, but it has Word on it, so I need it for lists, reviews, draft blog posts, etc. It also has the printer and scanner/printer attached to it. That’s the one I now fear (after a talk with a guy at Apple) I must replace.

      Barbara uses the laptop every day (newspaper, email, etc.) and I use it frequently also as it’s the handiest one, being on our main level. Lately I’ve been using it even more, as the iMac is less functional. The tablet I use most, for Apple News, reading ebooks, Solitaire, some email, some internet.

  5. I’m due for a new desktop computer. I’ve been happy with DELLs, but my friends like HP. I’ll probably wait until Christmas so Patrick (my IT guy) can set everything up for me. I need a full keyboard. I prefer Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard (although it drives Art Scott crazy!).

    • How often do you get a new computer? I’m not so sure about your brand switch, George, I was very happy with Dell computers when I was running Windows, but it’s been a while since I followed the PC market. You might do a little research before buying (and see what Patrick says!). I used to check PC/Computing Magazine’s comparison tests.

      Is that keyboard the curved one? I’ve never tried one. I also want a full keyboard, though it’s not the numerical keypad that I use so much as the Pg Up, Pg Dn, arrow keys and the extra return and function keys.

  6. Bob Napier says:

    My computer is a royal pain since Google no longer supports Windows Vista. Everything takes forever to download, every page is shrunk to the size of two-point type and minimized, and my new spam blocking isn’t blocking new spam. I suppose if I upgrade to Windows 10 this will all go away, but I’ve heard too many horror stories to pull the trigger just yet.

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