Incoming – Fredric Brown

Just arrived yesterday, from Haffner Press, these first two volumes of their Fredric Brown Mystery Library.

These beautiful books have taken some time in production, but they are here at last and I must say they are worth the wait.

Volume One is Murder Draws A Crowd and contains the first 39 stories sold by the author to the pulp magazine markets from 1938 to 1942. Brown’s two rare western stories are  included. Plus there are some tales of humor. All this with original illustrations reproduced.

Volume Two is Death In The Dark, which contains 29 stories which appeared in various 1942 pulp magazines. Again, original illustrations are included.

I can hardly wait to dip into volume one, and will do so soon. Here’s the contents:

The Moon for a Nickel, Detective Story Magazine Mar. 38
The Cheese on Stilts, Thrilling Detective Jan. 39
Blood of the Dragon, Variety Detective Feb. 39
There Are Bloodstains in the Alley, Detective Yarns Feb. 39
Murder at 10:15, Clues Detective Stories May 39
The Prehistoric Clue, Ten Detective Aces Jul. 40
Trouble in a Teacup, Detective Fiction Weekly Jul-13-1940
Murder Draws a Crowd, Detective Fiction Weekly Jul-27-1940
Footprints on the Ceiling, Ten Detective Aces Sep. 40
The Little Green Men, The Masked Detective Fall 1940
Town Wanted, Detective Fiction Weekly Sep-7-1940
Herbie Rides His Hunch, Detective Fiction Weekly Oct-19-1940
The Stranger from Trouble Valley, Western Short Stories Nov. 40
The Strange Sisters Strange, Detective Fiction Weekly Dec-28-1940
How Tagrid Got There, unpublished until 1986
Fugitive Imposter, Ten Detective Aces Jan. 41
The King Comes Home, Thrilling Detective Jan. 41
Big-Top Doom, Ten Detective Aces Mar 41
The Discontented Cows, G-Men Detective Mar. 41
Life and Fire, Detective Fiction Weekly Mar-22-1941
Big-League Larceny, Ten Detective Aces Apr. 41 {as by Jack Hobart}
Selling Death Short, Ten Detective Aces Apr. 41
Client Unknown, The Phantom Detective Apr. 41
Your Name in Gold, The Phantom Detective Jun. 41
Here Comes the Hearse, 10-Story Detective Jul. 41 {as by Allen Morse}
Six-Gun Song, 10-Story Detective Jul. 41
Star-Spangled Night, Coronet Jul. 41
Wheels Across the Night, G-Men Detective Jul. 41
Little Boy Lost, Detective Fiction Weekly Aug-2-1941
Bullet for Bullet, Western Short Stories Oct. 41
Listen to the Mocking Bird (NT) G-Men Detective Nov. 41
You’ll End Up Burning!, Ten Detective Aces Nov. 41
Number Bug, Exciting Detective Winter 1941
Thirty Corpses Every Thursday, Detective Tales Dec. 41
Trouble Comes Double, Popular Detective Dec. 41
Clue in Blue, Thrilling Mystery Jan. 42
Death is a White Rabbit, Strange Detective Mysteries Jan. 42
Twenty Gets You Plenty, G-Men Detective Jan. 42
Bloody Murder, Detective Fiction Jan-10-1942

  • Plus the Appendix
    Fredric Brown in Trade Magazines, Part 1
    The “V.O.N. Munchdriller” stories from The Driller
    The “William Z. Williams”” stories from Excavating Engineer

Little Apple Hard to Peel, Detective Tales Feb. 42
Death in the Dark, Dime Mystery Mar. 42
The Incredible Bomber, G-Men Detective Mar. 42
Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter, Strange Detective Mysteries Mar. 42
Twice-Killed Corpse, Ten Detective Aces Mar. 42
A Cat Walks, Detective Story Magazine Apr. 42
Mad Dog!, Detective Book Magazine Spring 1942
Moon Over Murder, The Masked Detective Spring 1942
“Who Did I Murder?”, Detective Short Stories Apr. 42
Murder in Furs, Thrilling Detective May 42
Suite for Flute and Tommy Gun, Detective Story Magazine Jun. 42
Three-Corpse Parlay, Popular Detective Jun. 42
A Date to Die, Strange Detective Mysteries Jul. 42
Red is the Hue of Hell, Strange Detective Mysteries Jul. 42 {as by Felix Graham}
Two Biers for Two, Clues Detective Stories Jul. 42
“You’ll Die Before Dawn”, Mystery Magazine Jul. 42
Get Out of Town, Thrilling Detective Sep. 42
A Little White Lye, Ten Detective Aces Sep. 42
The Men Who Went Nowhere, Dime Mystery Sep. 42
Nothing Sinister, Mystery Magazine Sep. 42
The Numberless Shadows, Detective Story Magazine Sep. 42
Satan’s Search Warrant, 10-Story Detective Sep. 42
Where There’s Smoke, Black Book Detective Sep. 42
Boner, Popular Detective Oct. 42
Legacy of Murder, Exciting Mystery Oct. 42
The Santa Claus Murders, Detective Story Magazine Oct. 42
Double Murder, Thrilling Detective Nov. 42 {as by John S. Endicott}

  • Plus, the Appendix
    Fredric Brown in Trade Magazines, Part 2
    “Willie Skid: Cub Serviceman Says” from Ford Dealer & Service Field
    “Let Colonel Cluck Answer Your Questions” from Independent Salesman
    “Barnyard Bill Says—” from Feedstuffs

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9 Responses to Incoming – Fredric Brown

  1. tracybham says:

    These are very nice, and I love that they have illustrations.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice, really nice. I’ve considered them, but not so far. I love the second cover.

  3. Jerry House says:

    Brown was a great writer. You’ll enjoy those books a lot, my friend.

  4. I’ve been counting the days until these Haffner Press arrived. Marvelous books!

  5. JJ says:

    These look awesome; I’m finding a new appreciation for pulp writer of late, and have recently read Brown’s Death Has Many Doors, so it’s great to see more of his writing becoming available. Seems to be something of a resurgence in this type of thing, I wonder where that’s come from…

    Anyway, thanks for bringing these to my attention, I shall check them out in due course.

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