Casablanca – Bogey to Bergman: “We’ll always have Paris”

Well, no. Thanks to Chief Dufus, who thinks climate change is a hoax. He doesn’t care about the health of the planet we live on – the only one available – only that he and his business buddies can have bigger profits. So while the rest of the world is trying to make things better, Dufus & Pals will be making the world a dirtier, less healthy place.

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12 Responses to Casablanca – Bogey to Bergman: “We’ll always have Paris”

  1. fence says:

    It certainly is a disappointing, if expected, move. I guess the only thing we can all do is as much as we can.

    • I know, but on top of everything else, this one just infuriated me. When I remembered the line from the movie, I couldn’t resist.

      • Jeff Meyerson says:

        One thing is, Obama. He’s obsessed with destroying anything Obama did. Jackie believes that he’s angry because of the way (in his mind) Merkel and Macron “dissed” him.

        Plus, he’s a moron.

        Some might say, but he has children and grandchildren. Surely he cares about the future he’s leaving them.

        No. He cares about himself, period.

        And don’t call me Shirley.

  2. Jerry House says:

    The only two countries that did not sign the accord were Syria and Paraguay. Syria because, well, Assad. But Paraguay did not sign as a symbolic gesture because it felt the accord was not strong enough.

  3. I knew Trump would pull out of the Paris Accords. After all, Trump keeps his campaign promises to his political base who doesn’t believe in Climate Change or Science.

  4. The Trump base hates “liberals” and doesn’t really analyze policy decisions. But, you’re right: most of the Trump Agenda will reward his rich supporters.

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