Despite efforts to limit incoming, in light of having too many things already, sometimes it can’t be helped. That may be a good thing. So here’s a varied lineup of recent arrivals.

The Singers of Time by Frederick Pohl and Jack Williamson [Bantam Books 1991 mass market paperback] – science fiction novel.  Collaboration of two fine SF authors. This is new to me, I saw mention and/or review of it recently, perhaps on the Black Gate blog. Sounds intriguing.

Speaker For The Dead by Orson Scott Card [Tor 1987 mass market paperback] – science fiction novel. Sequel to Ender’s Game. I’ve been meaning to read this for years, and a review on the Little Red Reviewer blog motivated me to get a copy.

Murder For Two by George Harmon Coxe [Dell 1943 mass market paperback (map back) – mystery novel. A Flash Casey Mystery. Loaned to me by a friend. I’ve included a scan of the map back.

Silent Are The Dead by George Harmon Coxe [Alfred A. Knopf 1942 hardcover] – mystery novel. Loaned to me by a friend. I’m looking forward to reading these two Flashgun Casey novels, after having read some short stories recently.

The Collected Captain Future Volume Three by Edmund Hamilton [Haffner Press 2013 hardcover] – pulp science fiction short story/novelette collection. After reading Allen Steele’s Avengers on the Moon, I really wanted to try some of the original Captain Future stories.

Illustration issue number Fifty six/ I’m a subscriber and get hours of pleasure from this fine magazine.

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12 Responses to Incoming

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice group. I got MAIGRET, the recent Penguin reprint (originally in English as MAIGRET RETURNS), from PaperBackSwap. Also some ebooks (mostly either free or cheap) from Amazon, including G. M. Ford’s SALVATION LAKE (Leo Waterman; 99 cents), Julie Smith’s CRESCENT CITY CONNECTION (free; Skip Langdon), Terence Faherty’s TALES OF THE STAR REPUBLIC (connected shorts; $4.99), Rafe McGregor’s THE ADVENTURES OF RODERICK LANGHAM (per Bill Crider’s blog; 99 cents), among others.

    • I got that last one too.

      • Jeff Meyerson says:

        oops – I did it again. For 99 cents each, I got two collections this morning:

        R. Austin Freeman, 7 NOVELS & 12 SHORT STORIES

        • I assume the Whitechurch stories are from pulps, yes? Not familiar with him, but there were two or three pulps devoted to railroad stories.

          • Jeff Meyerson says:

            According to Wikipedia, He is probably best known for his detective stories featuring Thorpe Hazell, which featured in the Strand Magazine, Railway Magazine, Pearson’s and Harmsworth’s Magazines.

            I remember discovering him through Barzun & Taylor’s A CATALOGUE OF CRIME. I read his SHOT ON THE DOWNS 40 years ago but have no memory of it. I’ve never read any of the stories about the vegetarian railway detective Thorpe Hazell. The original came out in 1912. I’d think it would be right up your alley.

  2. Nice group of books! I have the CAPTAIN FUTURE volume. I have a stack of George Harmon Coxe paperbacks at includes SILENT ARE THE DEAD.

    • We all know you have everything, George, but it’s nice to have that confirmed now and then. I suppose you also have the first two Captain Future collections, that are out of print and selling for a couple hundred bucks now.

  3. I’ve got speaker for the dead but still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I should

  4. Steve Oerkfitz says:

    I refuse to read Card due to his right wing views. By the way Do Ya by ELO is the cover version.

    • Really? I (obviously) didn’t know that. I prefer the ELO, I think. I try my best to separate the authors opinions from the books, unless the books are just rants on those opinions. I don’t seek out books by card, but this is one I’ve been meaning to read for a long time.

  5. Love those Dell map backs!

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