Stimulating the Economy: Speed Queen washer & dryer

We’ve had to replace our six-and-half year old (!) GE washer and dryer, as the washer was working poorly and the dryer control broke. Honestly, we’ve never been that happy with them, but they were on sale…

After doing the research, we decided on a Speed Queen washer and dryer. It’s a brand I’d not heard of until we read Consumer Reports and other research sites.

So we bought the made-in-America Speed Queen model RSP113TW01 (top of the residential line) front loading washer and it’s companion electric dryer. Speed Queen exclusively made commercial washers and dryers (the company has no other product lines), until about 5 years ago, when they moved into the residential market. They’re top rated for reliability and durability ever since.

These units are pricey, but we decided quality and durability were more important than price in this instance.  They come with a 5 year warranty and are expected to last five times that long. These days that’s a lot. We should have them installed in about 10 days.

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15 Responses to Stimulating the Economy: Speed Queen washer & dryer

  1. Patti Abbott says:

    I am very hopeful for you with your purchase. But CR’s last two recs for us: a range and a vacuum were both poor buys. The vacuum is so heavy I can’t push it and the stove can’t use the cleaning setting without blowing the fuse.And the fuse must be replaced by sending to Korea. I am wondering if they just don’t have the $$ to research as they once did. Who gets magazines anymore except us over 60 people.

    • Wow, that’s too bad, Patti. We used a half dozen evaluation sites in addition to CR, who had LG tops and SQ 2nd. But the others all rated SQ as tops except for price (they are more expensive than the competition. We have a friend who bought SQ over a year ago and is still delighted.

    • Todd Mason says:

      As you know now, Speed Queen is a long-established brand. I did buy an LG washer for the house when the old washer broke down about four-five years ago, and no serious complaints so far…though its ability to get an unbalanced load can be a little annoying at times (if something is much more absorbent than something else).

    • Todd Mason says:

      Some of us middle-aged fogies will still buy magazines, including CR.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice one. Congrats. Only downside for me would be, I personally prefer a top-loading washer. We have 6 machines in the basement laundry room here and I will only use the two top-loaders unless I absolutely have to use the others.

    We’re always checking out the washers and dryers (just out of curiosity) at Costco, and they seem pretty pricy these days.

    • I prefer top loaders too, Jeff, but Barbara wanted the front loader. In fairness to her, the front load has a slightly larger capacity, and she expects to be able to wash quilts in it.

  3. We’ve been using our reliable MAYTAG washer for 37 years. They don’t make washing machines like that anymore. We have gone through three dryers in that time-span. The last time we had our dryer serviced, I asked the repairman what he would recommend when the Maytag washer died. “Speed Queen,” he replied. “Get the washer with the fewest electronic controls.”

  4. We replaced our washer not long ago, and now our dryer is acting up a bit. It never quits. Mostly, though, we need a new mattress

  5. Those look fancy! Sad how things are built not to last. A repair man told us a while back that washers and dryers are made to only last 5-7 years and then be replaced, because the parts that often break are so expensive, including labor, that it makes more financial sense to buy new.

    I hope these ones defy those pessimistic odds and last for a LONG time.

  6. Deb says:

    Late to the party, but: we have the Kenmore washer & dryer (gas) we purchased in 1989 with wedding money we received specifically for that purpose from my in-laws. I think the two together were about $700. Those appliances have seen us through five house moves, three kids, four dogs, and countless loads of laundry. Now, after 28 years and very little aside from regular maintenance in the way of repairs, we are shopping around for new ones. We have budgeted about $1200 for the two combined and we’ve seen some nice ones in our price range. We hope to make the final decision in a few weeks.

    • I had a Kenmore that lasted about that long, but when I looked into buying that brand again, an honest salesman told me they’ll last about 8 years. Our second choice this time was LG. The Speed Queen set was expensive, but we expect these to be the last.

  7. Bob Napier says:

    We got a new dryer at the Sear’s outlet store not too long ago. I was surprised to discover that it lights up inside when you open the door. My older daughter’s dryer has been giving her fits lately. I installed a new switch, it worked, then crapped out after one load. So my stepson looked it over, replaced the heater and another small piece. It worked, then crapped out after one load. I’m beginning to think their circuit breaker is inadequate, but they decided to replace it instead of having more work done, even though the labor is free.

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