FFB: Impossible Stories by Zoran Zivkovic

I revamped this from Wednesday’s post, as I think it qualifies as overlooked. I found out about these on the fine Black Gate blog. Covers first, info after.

From the February 24th Black Gate post by John O’Neill:
(reposted with permission)

“Serbian master fantasist Zoran Zivkovic has an enviable international reputation. His novels include The Writer (1998), Impossible Encounters (2000), and The Ghostwriter (2009), and his mosaic novel The Library won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novella in 2003.

But his appearance in English here in the US has been spotty. Which is one of the reasons I was so delighted to see Cadmus Press publish The Zoran Zivkovic Collection, four gorgeous volumes of his best work, translated into English:

Impossible Stories I — 422 pages, $34, November 10, 2016 (Includes “Time Gifts,” “Impossible Encounters,” “Seven Touches of Music,” “The Library,” and “Steps through the Mist”)
Impossible Stories II — 428 pages, $34, Dec 10, 2016 (Contains the collections Four Stories Till the EndTwelve CollectionsThe BridgeAmarcord, and Miss Tamara, the Reade)
The Papyrus Trilogy — 608 pages, $41, August 1, 2016 (The cases of Dejan Lucik. Includes three novels: The Last BookThe Grand Manuscript, and The Compendium of the Dead)
The Five Wonders of the Danube — 198 pages, $26, August 1, 2016

All four are hardcovers featuring striking cover art by Japanese artist Youchan Ito. On his website the author calls them “the first four volumes of The Zoran Živković Collection,” which implies there will be more. The publisher claims all four volumes “will be available in hardcover, trade paperback, and electronic editions,” but for now the hardcover editions are the only ones I can find.”

That’s my sum total knowledge about the author and I know nothing about the translator, Alice Copple-Tosic, but I decided to get the first two books to try. The covers are wonderful, aren’t they?

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8 Responses to FFB: Impossible Stories by Zoran Zivkovic

  1. I’m sold on the covers, Richard. They have the look of graphic novels.

  2. Bill Crider says:

    Covers look great. I hope the stories live up to them.

  3. Very interesting covers on these. Unique

  4. Yes, it was the covers that drew me in too. I’m going to dip into the first book pretty soon.

  5. Frank Denton says:

    I’m waiting with anticipation for your report after you have read some of the stories. Volumes a bit pricey.

    • I agree on the “pricey” part. I debated some days before book lust took over. I plan on starting the first volume in a week or two. By the way, I just finished the new SF novel by Scalzi. Mini-Review soon.

  6. Yvette says:

    Cover art is wonderful. Book lust can be destructive to the pocket book. 🙂

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