cooking-for-jeffery-cover_160804_082629What to do when the weather keeps you at home? Spend some time in the kitchen making something delicious. For Christmas I bought Barbara Cooking for Jeffrey, a cookbook by Ina Garten, one of our favorite cooks. Well, it’s really for both of us, as we both will make dishes from it.

In it, along with soups, main dishes and salads, we found this delicious recipe for Apple Pie Bars, and made them on one of our storm-locked days. Not quite a bar cookie, not quite pie, but oh, sooo good! These are delicious by themselves, and would be great with vanilla ice cream or Cool Whip topping. Here’s a link to the recipe:


img_4019Note: ours took an extra 5-6 minutes in the final bake to get nice and brown.

Note 2: there is a lot of butter in these, but boy, do they have a great flaky crust and they are delicious.

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8 Responses to Yum!

  1. apple pie bars? That sounds like an idea whose time has come!

  2. FOUR STICKS OF BUTTER! Yikes! But, I did print out the recipe and Diane looks interested in giving it a try. They do sound yummy!

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Looks darn good to me. George, the key is portion control. One little piece can’t hurt you, as long as you eat a couple of ounces of dark chocolate too!

  4. fence says:

    I seem to collect recipes from all over (whenever we get a cooking book in the library where I work I usually copy one or two), but rarely actually try them out. I keep saying some day. In the meantime my collection of photocopies is growing, and those apple pie bars sound good, so they’re in there too now 🙂

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    One of Phil’s favorite cooks too. She spares no butter.

  6. Diane and I made the Apple Bars (that was before I read THE CASE AGAINST SUGAR!). Ignorance is bliss because we both loved it. Now, we’re looking to give pieces away to reduce our sugar exposure.

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