Allie (2002-2016)

Full of energy, golden eyes glowing as she raced around the house.
Purring softly as she curled up with us at night.
Loudly exclaiming in her half-Siamese voice when it was dinner time,
or about a bird outside the window,
or just that she wanted attention.

We called her Allikin, we loved her dearly, she loved us back.
Now she’s gone, free of the pain she’s had recently from old age and cancer.
God bless her.
All cats go to heaven. She’s there now.

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Enjoying life in Portland, OR
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31 Responses to Allie

  1. realthog says:

    What a fabulous cat, and all my sympathies over losing her: I’ve been through that several times, and it gets not easier but more difficult. Hands across the continent from NJ.

  2. macavityabc says:

    I’m very sorry, Rick.

  3. I know you can relate, Bill. Glad you have those young ones keeping you company now. We started out here in Portland in 2010 with 5 cats. Just one of them left now, it’s been a rough year with two gone since June.

  4. Guy says:


    I am so sorry, I lost my friend Max last January and I want to give you my best. Whether they go on their own or it is a decision we have to make out of love, it is never easy to deal with.


  5. Bob Napier says:

    I remember your cats. They were a lovely group and had diverse personalities. I’m sorry to hear of Allie’s passing.

  6. Richard, I’m sorry about Allie. She was a good-looking cat. Pets can make emotional wrecks out of us.

  7. Our thoughts will be with you and Allie today.

  8. Patti Abbott says:

    It just keeps coming, doesn’t it? So sorry. Love her eyes.

    • Patti, this has been a lousy year, a lousy six months (our other cat, Expresso, went at the end of July, just 4 months ago to the day) and a lousy month. I’m going to grit my teeth and try to improve the things I can, since these other things are out of my control. December has to be a better month.

  9. Jerry House says:

    So sorry to hear this. Our beloved pets deserve a much longer life than nature has decreed. Thinking of you and Barbara today.

    • We’re down from 5 cats to 1 now, Jerry. Each of those 4 that are gone had to make that trip to the veterinarian for the permanent good-night shot. It’s a wrenching, saddening, heart breaking event each time. I wasn’t over Expresso being gone, 4 months to the day, and now Allie. Damn.

  10. Beautiful kitty. Very sorry to hear of your loss.

  11. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Aw, so sorry to hear this.

  12. We woke this morning and it was no easier. I expect to see her in her usual places, but she’s not there. This has been a lousy month.

  13. Jim McLeod says:

    What kind of cat was she? Looks a little like an Exotic.

  14. Jim, you’re right, she was a short-haired Exotic. Not purebred, she was half Siamese and half alley cat (her name was a pun), but she had that Exotic look, the thin body and face, and the Siamese voice. She was an adoption, runt of the litter from a friend of a daughter’s friend’s neighbor. No matter what her background, we loved her dearly.

  15. tracybham says:

    She looks like a very sweet cat, and I know you miss her. We only have one cat at a time, and we love our Rosie. I am so so sad for you.

    • Tracy, when Barbara and I married 11 years ago, she had 3 cats and I had 2, so with five cats, we were overflowing with felines. We like to at least have a pair, and try to adopt adult cats who get along, but it’s not always possible.

      Today we’re doing some “ritual” cleaning, just because it’s good for us, getting up as much cat hair as possible from all the nooks & crannies. We do that frequently anyway, but… well it’s part of closure, somehow. Mirabell, our remaining cat, is watching carefully, and staying close.

  16. Yolande Trevino says:

    I’m sorry for your and my mom’s loss. I miss you both tons and wish we lived closer this time of year. My little Allie cat is with Powder (her big brother) now.

  17. Andrea J says:

    oh Richard, I’m so sorry to hear this. 2016 needs to just be done already.

    Is Mirabell all alone now??

    • I’m ready for this year to be over too, providing the next one is better.

      Yes, Mirabell is now an Only Cat. We won’t consider another cat until she is gone, and then decide. If we do, it will probably be a pair.

  18. What a charming cat. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Richard.

  19. Todd Mason says:

    Terribly sorry…we are told to expect our elder female, Niki, to live perhaps another year before the cancer on her mouth regrows. Half-Siamese cats can be charmingly talkative…

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