Forgotten Book: The Allingham Case-book by Margery Allingham

this is the 228th in my series of forgotten or seldom read books

Allingham Case-BookThe Allingham Case-book by Margery Allingham, Carroll & Graf, 1992 paperback, Campion and others, mystery short story collection

I really enjoyed reading this collection of 18 stories.

Allingham works her usual magic, Campion and others applying insight and the understanding of human nature to solve crimes. In a few of the stories we see the crime, or the intent to commit a crime, through the eyes of the perpetrator. In others, there is the more usual – at least at the time these were written – method of the crime committed and reported or discovered and the crime solver working out the culprit.

There wasn’t a story in the collection I didn’t like, but three of them were particularly enjoyable: “The Pro and the Con”, “One Morning They’ll Hang Him” and “Evidence in Camera”.

How long has it been since you read anything by Margery Allingham? Isn’t it about time you did?

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7 Responses to Forgotten Book: The Allingham Case-book by Margery Allingham

  1. tracybham says:

    I have a book by Allingham recently, but I don’t know that I have ever read any short stories by that author. I thought maybe I had a copy of this, but I don’t. I will check out the book sale coming up.

  2. I love Allingham and I do have this one somewhere, but it’s been ages – thanks Richard 🙂

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I read a bunch of Allinghams, including this one, in the early 1970’s, but you’re right – it has been a while. I read a radio play of hers in 1999, but that was the only thing in 25 years. I have read Mr. Campion: Criminologist, another collection, as well as stories in Martin Edwards anthologies.

    • Growing up reading science fiction and some fantasy, I was a late comer to mystery authors, not counting the Hardy Boys. So I’m way behind you on all these authors. It was mid-Seventies before I read my first adult mystery novel, one by Christie. It took me a while before I got around to Allingham, because after some Poirot novels I borrowed a book of Raymond Chandler short stories, and stayed with detective/hard-boiled stuff for a good while.

  4. Don’t think I’ve read anything by this writer. I need to correct that.

  5. I read Margery Allingham’s THE TIGER IN THE SMOKE (1952) a few years ago. You’re right: it’s time to read another book by Margery Allingham.

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