NOT SO Temporarily Blurred

I expected to have my glasses on my face by now. My new ones.

The last time I got new lenses I dropped the old glasses off on Monday morning and picked up the glass with new lenses installed on Wednesday noon time. Not this time. I dropped them off as usual, but then…nothing.

I called today, after not hearing yesterday, and they said the (apparently there is only one) person who installs lenses has been “out sick”. So the blurred world continues. I have been able to read a few short stories on the iPad, zoomed up to B I G  F O N T size, but the television is blurry, I’m not comfortable driving, though I could if I had to. So I’m pretty restricted. I guess I hadn’t realized on heavily I lean on being able to read.

Now they say they are hoping to have them for me by Friday afternoon, otherwise it’ll be Monday sometime. Not as if I really needed to see much of anything this weekend.


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8 Responses to NOT SO Temporarily Blurred

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Someone needs to light a fire under these people. This is unacceptable.

  2. Richard says:

    Not much I can do, and I guess it’s not their fault the guy got sick. I just got netted in the circumstances. But I am bummed. I tried watching the Seahawks game, but it made my eyes hurt and gave me a headache. I had to turn it off. Shoot.

    • Todd Mason says:

      Any good radio/podcasts to catch up on? Remember too well driving when my cataracts were at their worst. All sympathy.

      • Richard says:

        Cataract surgery is about a year or so away, Todd. I’m nervous about it. I have some OTR and other stuff I could listen to, but haven’t felt like doing so. I have a deep case of the blahs.

        • Todd Mason says:

          My advice on cataract surgery: I was out for the first eye, and that was a breeze. For reasons they wouldn’t specify, they insisted on a local for the second operation, and while that was interesting in part, it was somewhat, if tolerably, unpleasant…so, I’d suggest, opt for full anesthesia if possible. Sorry about the various drags.

  3. Wow, hope you get this rectified soon.

  4. I have three pairs of glasses so I don’t have to experience what you’re going through. Everything takes longer than anticipated today.

  5. Richard says:

    I can see. Hooray. I’ll have a new post up Monday.

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