Arrivals: A Holmes collection, an epic fantasy and a SF/mystery crossover

~ Sherlock Holmes Month at Tip the Wink ~

A few things came in, books I’m excited about. One of them is a Holmes collection, you’ll note.

In the Company of Sherlock Holmes edited by Laurie King and Leslie Klinger [Pegasus Crime, 2015 hardcover, new] – mystery, Sherlock Holmes pastiche story anthology. Interesting set of authors, as shown on cover. This will tide me over – though I have plenty already on hand – while waiting for the 3-volume MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories to arrive near the end of the month.

but there’s more than Holmes…

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by Bradley P. Beaulieu [DAW Books 2015 hardcover, new] – fantasy novel (580 pages). Really strong reviews, a great cover by Adam Paquette, well liked previous books; these all pushed me to buy this new hardcover fantasy novel. I don’t buy many new hardcovers these days, but this sounds really good. I’m planning on reading this in October, after I finish bingeing on Holmes.

Redshift Rendevous by John E. Stith [Ace 1990 mass market paperback, used] – science fiction with mystery elements. After reading and reviewing Reunion on Neverend by the same author, I decided to try another of his books.

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9 Responses to Arrivals: A Holmes collection, an epic fantasy and a SF/mystery crossover

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice group.Now that I finished the Wallace Stroby book I downloaded I am going to try Stith’s MANHATTAN TRANSFER (great title), which sounded interesting to me.

    • Richard says:

      I thought about that one, but picked this Stith, basically for the cover…

      • Jeff Meyerson says:

        Stith hasn’t lost me yet but he has lost verisimilitude points.

        The alien attack or whatever it is catches some people on the subway under the East River. The guy I presume will have a major role keeps warning people away from the “extra rail” whereas no New Yorker would ever refer to it other than as the “third rail.”

        Much worse – and here the Toe editors have to take the blame – is a scene in a taxi going across the Brooklyn Bridge. First a truck in front of the cab blows up. Then another truck crashes into the car behind him.


        Unlike the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge is passenger cars ONLY, no trucks allowed.

        If the Colorado -based author doesn’t know that the New York editor should have.

        • Richard says:

          Oh my. I wouldn’t have caught that at all, though “third rail” would have been the term I’d expect to see, not “extra rail”. I hope it gets better for you.. I just got back from the library, where I got THE GOLDEN AGE OF MURDER by Martin Edwards. I’m in the middle of a bunch of Holmes, but will try to make space for this.

  2. All three of your new books look good. I’ll be interested in your reviews of these three. I just finished ONCE IN A GREAT CITY, a brilliant book about Detroit. Football and work are cutting into my reading time.

    • Richard says:

      George, I got so tired of all the delays, commercials and comentator blather last weekend I didn’t even bother with the Monday night games and may just bail out on football completely. Two games in a day costs me about 7 hours, and that’s time I can be doing stuff with Barbara in the garden, or reading, or taking a walk. It just doesn’t seem worth it. But we’ll see. Maybe We’ll do what we do with baseball: only watch the last couple playoff match-ups.

  3. Great news! Good test results always makes things better. I watch NFL games with a book in my lap. I get a surprising amount of reading done during those games. There’s a lot of downtime.

  4. Stith sounds interesting. I don’t know that writer

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