Hot, Hot, Hot!

hotWe had a heat wave a few weeks ago and I complained. After all, this is Portland, OR, not Tucson or Texas (if you get my meaning).

But Come on. As I type this it’s 103 degrees and still going up.

Even with the air conditioning running non-stop, we’re doing the limp dishrag here.

* *  B A H !  * *

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2 Responses to Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. We had our first 90 degree day on Wednesday. Now, we’re back in the low 80s. Next week, the 70s. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario act like huge air conditioners to keep us cool.

    • Richard says:

      It will be 104 today, possibly 105. Yikes. I really hate hot weather and this summer has been awful. Portland used to have warm but not blistering hot summers. I blame the GOP.

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