Current Reading, July 6 – 12, 2015

A Darkling SeaAlmost no reading this last week.One reason for the reading slowdown is there’s been a break in the heat and we’ve been out and about a lot, meaning less reading. The other reason is working on other projects such as a short piece for an upcoming Mind Meld for SF Signal.

So I read no short stories, but did finish A Darkling Sea, by James L. Cambias, which I liked very much. A review will be up soon. Speaking of which, I’m falling behind on reviews, but working hard to catch up.

finders keepersBarbara finished Gathering Prey by John Sanford, his current novel, and she loved it. She always looks forward to a Lucas Davenport novel. Now she’s reading Stephen King’s latest, Finders Keepers, which she is enjoying so far.

How about you?
Have you read these books or authors?
What are you reading?

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10 Responses to Current Reading, July 6 – 12, 2015

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    My library books are getting on top of me again. Besides about a dozen on the shelf I have another 4 waiting to be picked up. So what did I do but read one of my own books. This was mentioned on one or more blogs so I’m not sure where I read about it. The book was RAZORED SADDLES, edited by Joe R. Lansdale & Pat LoBrutto, described as “macabre western tales.” I found it uneven, as many anthologies are, with the more “macabre” tales being the ones I liked best. Current short story reading is in Len Deighton’s only collection, DECLARATIONS OF WAR, several of which are (not surprisingly) set in WWII. I was looking for something at my local library when I noticed they had about a dozen reprinted Deighton paperbacks, and I’d always meant to read this one so took it out. So far, I prefer the novels.

    Jeff Katz is the Mayor of Cooperstown, New York. His second baseball book is SPLIT SEASON: 1981 – Fernandomania, The Bronx Zoo, and the Strike That Saved Baseball. I guess that is self-explanatory. All I can say is, when you read the “outrageous” salaries even the highest-paid players were making (can it be?) 35 years ago it seems like another world. I will say I don’t miss the George-Billy-Bronx Zoo days of revolving doors on the manager’s office in Yankee Stadium.

    Lastly was another library book, the latest Jack Taylor dark epic by Ken Bruen, GREEN HELL. Fans will read it without my say-so. Otherwise you might want to try the first in the series, as the earlier ones were better IMHO.

    New arrivals? A couple of paperbacks inspired by Time Travel Week on George Kelley’s blog: Robert Silverberg’s HAWKSBILL STATION (I read the original novella) and THE MASKS OF TIME. I got another of his from the library, as well as the new Wallace Stroby. I’m also currently reading Tim Kreider’s WE LEARN NOTHING: Essays and Cartoons.

    And we’ve been to a concert (Dion) and a movie (LOVE & MERCY).

    • Richard says:

      Jeff, lots going on with you, and that’s a lot of library books. Sheesh. I rarely read books about sports, they’re always so author biased, but the one you mention might be different. George didn’t post any time travel stuff this time that I hadn’t either read or wasn’t interested in, so nothing there. I saw your email about the Dion concert.

  2. Jerry House says:

    Not much this week. Read a bunch of graphic novels and Damon Knight’s ORBIT 3 anthology. I’m reading Joe Lansdale’s PARADISE SKY right now and savoring every delightful word. Coming up next is CONCRETE ANGEL by…um…what’s the name of the author? Patrick Abbey, maybe?…something like that. Anyway that’s the book next on my list.

    Totally bummed by Randy Johnson’s passing. Too many good guys gone too soon.

    • Richard says:

      Jerry, I was shocked at the news of Randy Johnson. I looked at his blog yesterday morning and that post wasn’t up. Then this morning… Damn. We exchanged emails, books, etc. His passing is a loss.

      Ha! Yes, I read that CONCRETE book, but haven’t written my review yet. I really must try to read more Landsdale.

  3. Richard, I want to read Stephen King in the not to distant future.

  4. Richard says:

    Prashant, I’m not the one to ask which book you should try, having only read a couple, but Jeff could make a suggestion.

  5. darkling sea looks really good. Love the title.

  6. I’m reading two books, about 500 pages each, on the Mexican Drug Cartel. Grim stuff.

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