Mercy, It’s Hot

Cat-Im-Melting-9051We haven’t had a day under 90 this week. Today predicted 94 and it’s 97.6 right now, at 6:00 PM. Mercy! Normal temperatures for this time of year would be in mid to high 70s.

Apparently there’s some phenomenon out in the ocean that’s holding this awful high pressure system in place, and the heat is coming from New Mexico and Arizona straight northwest and blasting us.

We’re running the air conditioning and ceiling fans round-the-clock. In spite of sprinklers, drip systems and hand watering, we’re losing shrubs and plants that just can’t take this. We’re setting heat and dry (no rain) records EVERY DAY.


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6 Responses to Mercy, It’s Hot

  1. We had a,string of fourteen days of 90+ here in North Carolina before the string was broken.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I just read Timothy Egan’s column in the NY Times about the similar weather they are having in Seattle. (I’ll send you the link.) We’ve been more average than otherwise so far, even slightly below at times. Our “normal” for this time of year is a high of 83. We normally hit 90 for the first time in late May or early June. Last year it wasn’t until July 2 in what turned out to be a cooler than average summer with few 90 degree days. Despite predictions to the contrary we haven’t hit 90 yet this year – and there is none in sight for the next week at least – so I am hoping for the same.

    Sorry for what you are suffering.

  3. Same here, Richard. While it isn’t atypical for us to get this kind of heat, it’s never so early. The river’s are already shut down for fishing after 2 PM (something that typically doesn’t happen until late August, if at all) due to low flow and high temperatures. It’s been fairly recent that the biggest issue on a hot 4th of July was that the rivers were still running to HIGH to be entirely safe! Ugh.

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