Get Out the Iced Tea!

Yikes!Heat Wave Temperatures on Thermometer

It’s been hot here, and it’s just about to get hotter. It was in the mid 80s today, after several days of the same, but tomorrow the forecast is for high 80s, Thursday mid 90s, Friday high 90s, Saturday 104 (!!), Sunday 100, Monday high 90s, Tuesday mid 90s, and a week from tomorrow low 90s or maybe high 80s. Good Grief!

I dislike hot weather, one of the reasons we moved here from SoCal. We haven’t had a three digit temperature here in 3 years. Looks like that record will be gone. Thank goodness we have air conditioning. The electric bill will be tough, though.


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14 Responses to Get Out the Iced Tea!

  1. We’re hitting records here in North Carolina,as,well. Working on two weeks of 90+ days. Today was 95, feels like 99-104.

  2. we live in a subtropical zone so we are getting some smashing heat

  3. Western NY is actually experiencing below average temps. We’re in the 70s which is just the way I like Summer. Like you, I’m not a fan of HEAT.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    What George said. We normally hit 90 for the first time in late May but last year – a relatively cool summer – we didn’t reach that mark until July 2. We were supposed to hit 93 yesterday but, surprisingly, to the weather forecasters (sic), only reached 88. And now it looks like a week or two or mostly below average temperatures in the 70s.

    Let’s hope it stays that way, eh George?

    Rick, the one and only time (so far) we visited my brother and his family in Portland – August of 1988 – it was 104 in Medford on the way up and 99 and 100 in Portland. And he didn’t have air conditioning.

    • Richard says:

      Needless to say, Jeff, that’s very unusual.

      • Jeff Meyerson says:

        I guess we really “lucked out” that time. I remember we went to Powell’s (of course), ate at an Indian restaurant one night, Mexican another, went to the Columbia Gorge, played miniature golf (fun at nearly 100!), went to a drive-in since we don’t have any around here (unfortunately, the only thing playing was NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4), saw a preview of STEALING HOME (Jodie Foster & Mark Harmon; mediocre) and ate breakfast at Sunnyside Up daily. I drew the line at picking berries. It was just too hot.

        No, my memory isn’t that good but I looked it up.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It’s just the annual Week at a Glance calendars, which I’ve been keeping since 1975. It’s amazing how much you can find in there – restaurants, books bought and read, movies and plays and concerts, travel, even weather.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Well, we eat out a lot, so there’s that. You’d have to list what the books were. When I started it I was writing how much I read – “read 50 p. …” or “read 1/2…” but somewhere along the line I changed that to only when I finished a book.

    Some years back I took all the notebooks and used them to create computer databases of restaurants, books (fiction), non-fiction books, concerts and theater, which makes it easier to find specifics.

    • Jeff Meyerson says:

      This evening on the news, out local weather showed Portland at 101 tomorrow and 88 the next day.

      Good luck with that.

  7. Richard says:

    It’s 95.4 as I type this, Jeff. Our outside thermometer is in the shade on the north-east corner of the house, under the eave. We were out half an hour ago (grabbing food so we don’t have to cook) and it was very warm indeed in the sun. The air conditioning kicked on at 10:42 this morning, and we have it set at 78. We also have ceiling fans, in the living room and bedroom. Yes, we’ll break 100 tomorrow.

  8. Same thing happening here in Missoula. Hit triple digits yesterday, and at 99 right now. We have a window mounted AC in the bedroom at home, which is the only thing that makes it manageable.

  9. Richard says:

    Nice to hear from you, Chris. We have central air and are really thankful for it now. Still hot today but not as much as predicted, due to some high clouds. Whew.

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