Current Reading, June 15-21, 2015

Heat continues. I’ve been fighting computer problems. We slog on. I’m still reading short stories, same collections, which is okay, except there are novels I want to get to.

Big Book of Locked Room Mysteriesfrom The Black Lizard Big Book Of Locked-Room Mysteries:
 The Aluminium Dagger – R. Austin Freeman
The Crewel Needle – Gerald Kersh
The Doctor’s Case – Stephen King
A Knife Between Brothers – Manly Wade Wellman
The Glass Gravestone – Joseph Cummings

I’ll continue reading stories from this thick book collection while I read other short story anthologies as well.

Resorting to Murderfrom the Resorting to Murder anthology edited by Martin Edwards:
 Razor Edge by Anthony Berkeley Cox
Holiday Task by Leo Bruce (Sgt. Beef!)
A Posteriori by Helen Simpson
Where is Mr. Manetot? by Phyllis Bentley
The House of Screams by Gerald Findler
Cousin Once Removed by Michael Gilbert

darkness and shadows

That finishes up Resorting to Murder.  A nice collection.

I’m enjoying reading short stories and plan on continuing with them for a while. Next week there’ll be a new collection or anthology I’ll be dipping into.

Barbara finished Darkness & Shadows by Andrew E. Kaufman. She’s continuing to enjoy the books by this author and is glad she discovered him on a panel at Portland LCC.

She just finished Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo. It’s a standalone, not part of the Harry Hole series, but it’s well written.

Have you read these books or authors? What are you reading?

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6 Responses to Current Reading, June 15-21, 2015

  1. Jerry House says:

    Short stories for me this week, too, although Joe Lansdale’s PARADISE SKY is in. Still waiting for Patti’s book.

  2. I’m still reading 500+ page books and getting ready for Time Travel Week (next week!). Diane’s sister is coming to visit us so that might cut into Reading Time this week.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    I read and enjoyed some of the locked room murders. Best to read in small doses though so must get back to it.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I like remembering the stories as you record them since I read the LOCKED ROOM book recently. I got in that Lansdale book (from the library) too, along with the latest short story collection I’m reading currently: Elmore Leonard, CHARLIE MARTZ & OTHER STORIES. These are previously unpublished stories, many from the 1950s when he was starting out as a writer.

    I also read DEPTH by Lev AC Rosen. Can’t remember where I read a review of this but it sounded intriguing so took it out (it’s only 250 pages). It’s New York about 100 years from now. The polar ice caps have melted and the Eastern United States is mostly under water, with the border now at Chicago. Yet New York City survives because of the skyscrapers – the water reaches the 20th floor and taller buildings have been retrofitted. Bridges connect the buildings and boats get people around. Imposed on this structure is a private eye tale featuring Simone Pierce, hired to follow a man to see if he’s cheating on his wife. When he turns up murdered, Pierce becomes an unlikely suspect thanks to a hostile cop and has to find the blonde he met with to solve his murder and clear her name. The combination of private eye and dystopian future works so far.

    Other reading. After 150 pages I decided I didn’t want to read any more of the deranged ramblings (this before Dylann Roof) of MR. MERCEDES, Stephen King’s (inexplicable) Edgar-winning novel. I did read a pretty good collection, the MWA anthology MANHATTAN MAYHEM, edited by Mary Higgins Clark, with each story set in a different area of that borough. There are some excellent authors here (Maron, Rozan, Child, etc.) and a varied group of stories, some of the best ones being historical.

    Two new arrivals (from PaperbackSwap). First was THE IRON HORSE (Faraday #1) by “William Grant” – in this case James Reasoner, who discussed it on his blog last week. The second was a trade paperback of THE HANGING in Wendy Hornsby’s Maggie MacGowen series.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I’m “reading” (not read) DEPTH, by the way. Halfway through it as of yesterday.

  6. Darkness and Shadows is a great title.

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